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12 Social Selling Tips for Padawan Learners

12 Social Selling Tips for Padawan Learners

12 Social Selling Tips for Padawan Learners by Mike Ciccolella

The Article Includes 3 Bonuses:

1. Social Selling and Marketing Jedi Council List plus quotes

2. Two Enlightening Social Selling and Marketing Videos

3. Social Selling Infographic

I have embraced social selling. Practicing it has opened doors for clients and produced freelance and full-time opportunities. Social selling techniques and activities are opportunities for growth. They will help you improve, warm up, and build relationships with people.

I prefer a balanced outbound and inbound strategy that includes many approaches.

Give these 12 methods a shot and watch your results improve:

1. Stand Out: Build and Own Your Personal Brand.

  • Optimize customer-centric digital profiles on social networks.
  • Own your online reputation; for examples, see:

How to Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile [Infographic] by Melonie Dodaro

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for LinkedIn [Infographic] by Koka Sexton

To increase connect-and-response rates, you need to represent yourself as a credible authority, resource, and trusted advisor. Buyers trust peer recommendations. Ask folks who know your work to recommend you online. The “social proof” of what others say about you is more impressive than what you say about yourself.

2. Do Research: Gain Insightful Business Knowledge of Target Prospects/Organizations.

Do this via their Web sites, About Us pages, biographies, press/news pages, blogs, annual reports, etc.

Read the full article on the Nimble blog: https://www.nimble.com/blog/12-social-selling-tips-for-padawan-learners/

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