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1000 Year Future Map: GiantERP

1000 Year Future Map: GiantERPOverview

  • Perhaps most relevant to the Virtual Commons is the feasibility of global ontological engineering. Paramount to this is validation of processes, and the ethical approach to data logistics. A logical order of standards defines explicit constraints on the definition of limits to any interconnected identity clearinghouse or mass peering arrangement. Constraints identifying critical concerns serve to measure resolution outcomes. Non-cyclical parameters of behavior analysis and profiling are associated to concepts and definition maps. Properties of numbers and integers further advise for or against automated code checking and validation scenarios. Code checking refers symbols, signals, numbers, and words to communication gateways. Instantiation of semantically reconstructed etymologies are to inherent relevancy from “combinatorics” and adaptations that provide defense-in-depth.

ERES Theses and PROOF

  • New Age Cybernetics: Risk Management, Finance, Law (NWO)
  • Critical Infrastructure Pedagogy & Emergency Management
  • Global Human Resource (HR): UN NGO RESCORE
  • A number anyone can call for real help: Clean Water Food Shelter Work Love

ERES Theses Human-To-Computer Nomenclature

@ — Context: ERES
# — Definition: Energy
^ — Attribute: Photonics

* — Character: Ionics
% — Percent: Sound
() — APP-PARENT: Science

e.g. — Child: Religion
re: — Adult: Philosophy
ie. — Family: Theology

i. — Sustenance: Breath
ii. — Variety: Body
iii. — Attribute: Blood

Note: — Generous: Water
Key: — Specific: Education
Commentary: — Generality: Matter

Plan Outline

  • Global Actuary Investor Authority
    PlayNAC (User/GROUP Ontologies with UI/UX for Communities of Interest)
    HowWay: AnswerQuestion. IT. MyWay (Personal-Public-Private Ontology)
    UN NGO RESCORE (Clean Water Food Shelter Work Love)
    Fourth Leg to US Government created and run transparently to oversee and insure Family Amity and to offer cooperative synergies forward into global campaigns needed to repair humanity.
    "A number anyone can call for real help."
  • Aura-Tech: Relative Energy Equal Pay
    Photonics x IONICS + Sound (What is BEST Factoring)
    GiantERP (electrodynamics, geophysics and related biologic technologies)
  • GiantERP: Earth Resource Planner
    Global Actuary Investor Authority: EarnedPath (Clean Water Food Shelter Work Love)
    Critical Path Method, Program Evaluation and Review Technique, Work Breakdown Structure
    Law Enforcement Protect & Serve (Semantics: POLE + ICE)
    Make Water, Knowledge & Healthcare FREE
    Graphene Clothing (Peltier Design)
    Desalinated Ocean Water Brine (Transformation)
  • ICARA: Insect Catch And Release Apparatus
    (aka "Gunnysack": RESCORE, Non-Punitive Remediation, Pedagogy + Emergency Management)
    “Lennon's Law” makes it a ‘crime’ to be lonely or sad
    Critical Infrastructure Protection and Enhancement
    Law Enforcement go behind "their bars" to create an EarnedPath overall
    Federated Reserve/DESERVE
    Common Core Curriculum and Ombudsmanships
    Create an Off-On Reproduction Hormone and make freely available
    Make parents and children watch intercourse and live-dead child birth together in school board officials and teachers
    Force industry to sponsor parenting from before-cradle to after-grave
    Graphene Smart-Wear
  • SECUIR: Silent Energy Circular Universe Infinite Rotation
    Concentric Giant Ocean Water Wheels
    Harness wave energy with underwater geothermal
    Purify atmospheric matter
    Purify main water sources
    Power the planet
    Unify economics globally
    Desalinate drinking and irrigation water
    Redistribute water for agriculture
    Repopulate our oceans
  • VERTECA: Vertical Technologies
    Virtual Reality for Communities of Interest Organized by Industry and Subject
    Left Handed Context Keyboarding
    Cashless Society (merit and civility)
    TETRA 4D Programmatic Environment
    Sierpinski Triangle
    Real-Time (RT) Media
    VERTECA Integration
  • THOW: Tiny Homes On Wheels
    Flying & Diving RV's
  • PlayNAC: New Age Cybernetics
    Game Theory Primacy
    Nash Equilibrium Outdated
    Prisoner's Dilemma Null & Void
    Personal-Public-Private Ontology
    Communities of Interest (COI) Intelligent Design



  • Within Communities of our own associated Interests our vote can be judged, measured and weighed on whole against the many parts.
  • Allow everyone who is a legal citizen to vote, and rate their Dictum according to real world inputs (establishes GAIA) then use Aura-Tech (Science) to create Relative Energy Equal Pay (REEP), and require all members of law-enforcement & creation to go behind their bars to certify what syns they have committed for and against U.S. (philosophy and theology) helping establish EarnedPath and GiantERP = HowWay

1. Everyone can vote … Dictum x Input = Federated Reserve/DESERVE
The young, the infirmed and the incarcerated included.

2. Abolish Jury Duty … Earned Path x RESCORE
Pay experts who are approved “Arbiters” disassociated from the case.

3. Law Enforcement goes to jail … Confess Syns for and against US
The Police, Lawyers, Prosecutors, Judges and Legislators included.

4. Aura Technology … Photonics x Ionics + What is “SOUND”
Science is real and can detect anomalies, lies and case facts.

5. Relative Energy Equal Pay … Clean Water, Food, Shelter, Work Love
Institute Lennon’s Law making it a crime to be lonely or sad.

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