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1 x 1 > 7.5Billion+

7.5Billion+ ">

Maybe, in taking our individual steps along our journeys, there just might be something to the sum of ppb ~ {0/00}?

Far too often we find many who spend so much time perfecting the embittering of difference, embellishing intolerance and enabling/highlighting the ubiquity of emotional sensationalism.  We are inundated daily with the fuel of individual and collective approaches focused on numbing our sensibilities, clouding our discernment and obfuscating reality with an aim to divide and conquer.

A few haphazard points of reference:

  • Man v Woman
  • Emotional Intelligence v Positive Intelligence
  • Leadership v Management
  • Liberal v Conservative
  • Climate Change v Conspiracy Theory
  • Change v Status Quo
  • Branding v Meandering
  • Opinion v Fact
  • Science v Conjecture
  • Generalization v Contextualization
  • IoT v ToT
  • Overlooking v Perceiving
  • Listening v Hearing
  • Looking v Seeing
  • Talking v Communicating
  • Touching v Feeling
  • Sensing v Intuiting
  • Introvert v Extrovert
  • Strength v Weakness
  • Challenge v Opportunity
  • ___ v ___.........

But here  are some thoughts:

Our future will not be made by those who embrace divisiveness through the illusion of intellect, brilliance and insight. 

Our future will not be dictated by those who navigate our world merely to overly sensationalize every point and counterpoint.

Our future will not succumb to the individual or collective approaches of delusional self-serving grandeur and disingenuous quests for power, fame and notoriety.

Our future will not be driven by those who foster hate, negativity, radicalism and intolerance.

Rather, I firmly believe in the Power of One:

Our future will be made by you and me.

Four Realities of Humanity

Keep making a difference (me, you, we):  one person, one step at a time.

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Joel Anderson

4 years ago #9

On the subject of moving on. The article and specific context of the issue is not the important thing, but I found the two quotes in an interview between Arianna Huffington and Katy Perry: (AH)“Are you ready to let it go?” (KP)“I am ready to let it go…” Now there is a great question and answer. To all: keep making a difference.

Joel Anderson

4 years ago #8

Ren\u00e9e \ud83d\udc1d Cormier Thank you so much for your kind comment. Keep making a difference one person one step at a time.

Joel Anderson

4 years ago #7

It all starts with "one" deciding to do something different, regardless of what the crowd is doing. Stay in the dark, stay in the past or move on and change to be different, change to be positive, and change to make a difference. Then it just becomes a process of 1 x 1 steps and interactions and although not infinite, it can be positively exponential. 1 interacts with another. Then those two with two others, and on and on until theoretically, that 1 has become 7/5 Billion+. I have not completed the journey. I am not there yet, but I am trying. Your responses to so many posts have convinced me that despite the difficult nature of the trip you have already stimulated your mind to to take that one step, and to continue taking the others on "the journey of a thousand miles" that facilitate moving on and making a difference. Keep plugging, keep changing, and keep interacting One person, one step, one positivity at a time.

Joel Anderson

4 years ago #6

Harvey Lloyd thank you for the thoughtful response. I think in one sense beBee provides that stimulus and as Javier said, helps us stop complaining and begin or continue the process of moving on. It serves as a catalysts for one person to express themselves, and for one other (or many others) to then interact and engage in a positive environment and "spontaneous natural liking's" and sometimes disagreement but all in a positive forward moving approach. On the "vs" issue, we have a choice. We can either sit back and passively just let those who use what ever venue to impart, exchange and/or control information yank us in one direction or another, or we can choose not to. It is a conscious choice. Remain or become part of the apparatus, or choose a path less traveled by, and build the combine of change, difference an positivism. In essence it is a decision point on a three way intersection on the streets of life: 1) continue 2) stop. or 3) change and move on. You either recklessly blast through the intersection, and continue on regardless of the consequences and how your actions may impact others. Or, you stop and just stay in one place, accept this as your status quo, and consciously decide to stay put and not move on. Or, you observe the environment around and before you, look to "see" what is going on, make a decision, change and then move on. Simple as that.

Joel Anderson

4 years ago #5

#2 Javier \ud83d\udc1d beBee First of all thank you for two great comments. They underscore the beauty of this site. What other social media site would you have that would have some obscure entity make a statement and have the El Jefe of its bees weigh in so quickly. Absolutely agree and am grateful both for your comments, insights and wisdom and for a site like beBee that consistently shares the same in so many positive and beneficial ways. You absolutely reflect the very nature of an entity that exudes the essence of an affinity of affinities. You are one that makes a difference indeed. Have a great weekend. Me, I am going fishing and moving on. :)

Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 years ago #4

I agree with you 100%. Well said, my good man!

Harvey Lloyd

4 years ago #3

"Our future will not succumb to the individual or collective approaches of delusional self-serving grandeur and disingenuous quests for power, fame and notoriety." This is the embodiment of our issues today. Your "vs" are appropriate. The larger looming question is always going to be putting the cat back in the bag. Clearly the era of self is upon us/we. Converting self back into we will require not only a standard of absolute truths but also an enforcement mechanism that secures efficacy within the effort. Each self is aligned with varying absolute truths of the "we" that is needed in order to move forward as a society. Current methodologies of change management at the regulatory and legal levels would call for some major changes in the constitution to get this cat back in the bag. Let alone the enforcement of the changes. The word chaos comes to mind. Constitutional documents relied on society being of a similar core value system. This core value system is no longer shared across a large section of our population and transportation has removed water barriers to dissimilar values. I enjoy your thoughts in this area and also share the need for us to grow in this dialogue. I am just struggling with the stimulus that will be required to enable us to proceed under a "we" doctrine. I sense a standoff with people facing each other, guns locked and loaded, each stating they will put theirs down when the others do. Time will answer the question or we will.

Javier 🐝 CR

4 years ago #2

Whatever circumstances we have in life, we are still the one controlling its outcome. It is still up to us to lead our life to where we want us to be. Blaming the circumstances and use it to justify our present condition will not help. It will only hinder us to move forward and continue to live our life. Trials and difficulties will always be there to set us off course, but we can handle it if we really have the right attitude in life. So instead of complaining about life being unfair, move on and make the use out of it.

Javier 🐝 CR

4 years ago #1

Joel Anderson exactly ! Our future is made by you and me. Keep making a difference (me, you, we): one person, one step at a time. move on instead of complaining !!

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