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Top 12 Mobile Game Development Tools Preferred by Developers

When it comes to mobile phones, people are not just using them to order things or purchase essentials, but it has also become the mode of entertainment. When it comes to entertainment, other than movies, TV shows, videos, gaming is one of the preferred modes of entertainment that people of all ages love to engage in. Hence, a lot of gaming apps are trending with the help of mobile game development and helping gamers enjoy playing their favorite games.

We draw on years of expertise in the gaming industry and our experience in gaming animation, mobile game design, VR and AR applications, and gaming analytics, to produce one of kind, cross-platform, software solutions for mobile games.

We have a team of passionate designers and developers specializing in developing iOS and Android mobile platforms using popular game engines. We have extensive experience in using tools and technologies to build games that support cross-platform.

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Tools Preferred by Developers

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Mobile Game Development Tools Preferred By Most Developers

1. Unity


Unity is among the popular mobile game development tools and a cross-platform gaming tool that is used to develop 2D and 3D games.


  • Unity tool is based on layers where distinct objects can be established helping developers handle a robust project.
  • Large plug, asset store, and built-in templates available
  • With a built-in editor, you can edit images and arrange animations via animator window, particle systems, and audio editing.

2. Corona SDK

It is one of the perfect game development tools that help in the development of 2D mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows, etc

It is a strong framework used by developers as it helps build gaming apps with 1000 built-in PLugin, APIs, Corona SDK extensions.


  • Corona SDK utilizes an engine - OpenGL that enables modifications in graphical qualities of the game
  • Comes with a Text plugin and Corona Editor
  • In-built monetization
  • 500 plus custom APIs & plug-ins available

3. SpriteKit


SpriteKit is an amazing mobile game developmenttool available on OS X, iOS and is an excellent framework for 2D game development which supports both Objective-C and Swift.


  • SpriteKit makes the development process easy for the developers
  • SKView makes scene management easy
  • SKAction class is useful to scale, rotate and move various game objects.
  • It comes with sound & building custom codes.
  • SpriteKit comes with a scene editor which facilitates designing at different levels

4. Marmalade SDK

It is also one of the effective mobile game development cross-platform tools that makes use of C++ code to develop games. The code written once can be used anywhere with the help of Marmalade SDK.

It enables releasing mobile games in various stores in less time


  • Enables access to graphics rendering capabilities via OpenGL API directly or through Marmalade SDK layer feature
  • Open architecture.
  • High performance.
  • Test simulator
  • Aids various capabilities of Windows, Android, and iOS

5. Amazon Lumberyard

Amazon Lumberyard

This mobile game developmenttool utilizes CryEngine architecture. It is a free AAA game developmentengine released by Amazon. It comes with plenty of cross-platform tools and it’s deployable to many platforms to build premium games.


  • No need to share the profits with Amazon
  • Hosting multiplayer games on AWS cloud is possible
  • Integrated Twitch provides live streaming for video games
  • Amazing tool for video games and marketing mobile games

6. CryEngine

It is one of the reliable mobile Game developmenttools which is used to develop 3D games for Windows PC and Console. You can develop 1st person shooter games using CryEngine and many other latest games with ActionScript, C++, Visual Studio, and Lua script.


  • Voxel-Based Global Illumination
  • Motion Blur and Depth of Field
  • Per-Object Shadow Maps
  • Volumetric Fog Shadows
  • Level Design
  • Flowgraph
  • Real-Time Dynamic Water Caustics
  • Multi-Layer Navigation Mesh
  • Parametric Skeletal Animation
  • Advanced AI System, etc.

7. NextPeer


It is a multiplayer SDK that identifies the problem of multiplayer gaming on smartphones. It works on both synchronous & asynchronous gameplay.


  • NextPeer improves the gaming experience & player engagement
  • Helps developers attain user retention.
  • Offers real-time interactions as well as live rankings to portray it real and exciting
  • With its delayed synchronous feature it helps users to play previous sessions of different players.
  • Helps design native iOS & Android games

8. Haxe

It is an open-source, multi-platform programming language that supports both Android and iOS. It is easy to learn the language for developers


  • Builds cross-platform native code
  • Aids faster game development

9. Gideros


It is amongst popular open-source mobile game development tools that use the Lua language.


  • Helps scale, move and rotate objects within the game
  • Utilizes Box2D for physics & comprises other vital tools like texture packer & font creator.
  • Enables prompt game testing via Wi-Fi connection on your mobile device.

10. Titanium

It is a free framework used by developers to develop apps using JavaScript.


  • Can modify or animate views & images with native controls from Android and iOS.
  • Amazing effects can be added to the games

11. PowerVR Graphics SDK

PowerVR Graphics SDK

The framework aids in building cross-platform graphics apps. It helps accelerate the entire process of writing apps


  • Simplifies plenty of objects in complex games.
  • Provides simple and shader effects, functional shapes, etc

12. Project Anarchy

It is one of the best end-to-end game development tools that help developers to develop comprehensive games for mobile phones


  • It comes with a set of tools like Animation studio, Physics, and AI.
  • Help includes BX files in asset manager and supports, particle lighting, Automatic script validation, and integration for Scaleform & FMOD.


In this article, we explored some of the trending mobile game development tools preferred by developers today. It will help you get better insights into each gaming framework and pick the one that suits your development needs.

In case you are new to mobile app development and want to build your mobile game application, get in touch with X-Byte Enterprise Solutions to get a scalable mobile gaming application.

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