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What Is A Multi-Delivery Ly
App Features, Cost, and Q !
Benefits? o} |


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What Is A Multi-Delivery App Features, Cost, and Benefits?

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What Is A Multi-Delivery Application?

A multi-delivery app can be best explained as a single app or platform which facilitates the delivery of groceries, food items, snacks, cake, flowers, etc.

When it comes to an on-demand ordering system, an app has a crucial role to play to connect store owners with the customers and vice versa.

When customers wish to order different products, they feel comfortable ordering through a single app rather than browsing through multiple apps.

Looking at the current pandemic situation, a lot of major brands like Swiggy moved to a multi-delivery platform to fulfill the needs of not just food but groceries and medicines as well. The decision worked for Swiggy and many other big brands followed the idea of a multi-delivery app to serve their customers.

Multi-delivery application solution offers an app for multiple deliveries that comprises multi-vendor categories and items for sale through a single platform


An efficient multi-delivery app feature consists of multiple features for vendors, customers, and store owners. Let us have a look at them

Multi-Delivery App For Customers

  • The multi-delivery app features include easy login for the customers through Google, phone number, or Facebook.
  • Also, the customers can see different functions on the main screen like main categories, delivery location, banners, takeaway options provided by different vendors.
  • The major categories comprise grocery, cake, restaurants, snacks, medicines, etc
  • Convenient add to cart feature
  • Easy to customize purchase options for specific items
  • Modify/ edit or add the delivery address
  • Cancel the order or Re-order
  • Special instructions
  • Offers and promos
  • User management and reviews
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Real-time order tracking

The above multi-delivery app features help the customers buy multiple grocery or food items through a single app

Multi-Delivery App For Store Owners

When it comes to storing owners for example for store owners of medicines, flowers, cakes, restaurants, etc, the multi-delivery app offers features based on their business. The app is created with the elements and features in mind for different vendors like

  • Add items, categories, price, menu, etc
  • Include and manage offers
  • Store management
  • Add banners
  • Toggle button for availability integrated for store and items
  • Update order status
  • Details of the items
  • Assign driver
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Profit management

Multi-Delivery App For Drivers

Multi-Delivery App For Drivers

Like any food delivery or grocery delivery app, a multi-delivery app for drivers is also the same.

It consists of all essential features that include

  • Track earnings
  • Availability toggle
  • Payment collection update
  • Job history
  • Update delivery status
  • GPS location

Benefits Of Multi-Vendor Facility

Multi-delivery app benefits are countless and this facility helps the retailers and vendors reach their customers and earn profits. The concept of buying and selling has changed with the multi-vendor feature and it is helping retailers, vendors and drivers earn better. Here are some multi-delivery app benefits listed below

  • The multi-vendor facility helps automate even the tiniest of things
  • Goods availability is unlimited in a wide variety
  • Fewer bills as compared to the single platform
  • Transparent stock management with multi-vendor facility


The multi-delivery app cost entirely depends on the features that you wish to integrate into your app and the items you wish to sell through your app

Why To Choose A Multi-Vendor Delivery Application Solution?

Why To Choose A Multi-Vendor Delivery Application Solution

Coronavirus has helped us adapt to various changes. We have accepted the change and tried to incorporate it into our daily lives. For example, we shop through apps, we are dependent a lot on technology now to follow Coronavirus protocols.

We never imagined ordering food, grocery, etc online daily isn’t it? The major brands realized that the online delivery concept is going to stay and they switched to multi-delivery apps to meet almost all the needs for essentials of their customers. They started delivering all the essentials through the same app.

After adopting multi-vendor features for both customers and store-owners, these brands witnessed a hike in sales. Interestingly, the drivers were assigned orders for food and groceries and they could deliver the orders even in the toughest times like lockdown.

So, the introduction and implementation of a multi-vendor facility was the need of the hour. It helped increase more sales, customer base, and customer retention. So, the need for a multi-delivery app was much felt to gain profits even when the market had slowed down.

So, if you are planning to earn profits, multi-delivery mobile app development is the solution. Seek consultation and assistance from X-Byte Enterprise solutions to get an efficient multi-delivery app to witness the increase in your sales and connect to a potential customer base.


Multi-delivery app solutions can help you work with a multi-delivery app to let your customers shop for essentials under one roof. The multi-delivery app would help you gain profits even if the market slows down. The concept is going to stay for years to come so join the revolution.

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