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11 Programming Languages Preferred For Mobile App Development


1 Programming
Languages Preferred For
Mobile App Development
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The future of mobile application & mobile programming languages is bright and we cannot deny this fact. Yes, it is essential to choose the relevant technology as well as the correct programming language for mobile app development to build interactive, user-friendly and robust apps.

Programming Languages for Android App Development


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JAVA is the preferred language for android mobile app development because of its in-built open source libraries. Also, it has good community support.


  • A flexible and versatile language that can be utilized in different ways via Node.js
  • Quicker at client-end browsing and doesn’t require compilation.
  • Easy to manage and use
  • Offers enough scope for variation and have no fixed standard


  • It is a bit risky as it can be misused for malicious tasks in certain cases
  • You may face issues with browser support at times
  • The same output is offered by Server side scripts at all times and the client-side is not much predictable.




printf("\n\tRandom Graph G ess Sm"
printf("\n\tEnter number o

scanf("%d", &vertex);

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printf("\n\tGenerated Ran WW"
display(A, &vertex);
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Kotlin helps mobile app developers to build robust apps. This programming language helps improve code readability and maintainability which means it can be written, modified, read efficiently.


  • Concise and clean syntax boosts team efficiency.
  • Versatile and compatible and can cancel the drawbacks of JAVA.
  • Gets complete support from IDE’s and Google installation packages which includes Android & SDK toolkit.
  • Produces simple, sleek and cleaner code than JAVA


  • It is a new programming language so little difficult to learn, thus think before opting for this language
  • At times it gets a bit slower
  • Only limited resources are available for learning




It is a mark-up language and is one of the easiest programming languages for mobile app development, especially Android apps. This is because it elaborates data and integrates different elements.


  • Independent platform so it can be easily utilized on different systems.
  • Supports Unicode and enables easy transmission of data written by humans
  • Data saved & transferred can be modified at any time
  • Enables validation with DTD & Schema to facilitate error-less code
  • The methods to share data across different platforms is simplified


  • Syntax redundancy will cause you higher storage
  • File sizes are usually large


The language helps mobile app development for Android and simplifies the whole process as C code can call Java code with other standard Android libraries.



  • In-built functions are available
  • Comes with a range of data operators and data types
  • Can expand itself


  • Lacks exceptional handling
  • Doesn’t comprise of OOP concepts
  • Runtime checking is not available
  • Low level of abstraction
  • Normally needs some kind of database, authentication, CMS, etc.



C++ not only supports mobile development for iOS but also for Android platforms


  • It can be quicker than JAVA
  • Provides excellent portability and can run on various platforms
  • Offers complete control over memory management


  • Difficult to integrate
  • A lot of features are not designed properly
  • Security problems

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