Job description

Technical Store Keeper Supervisor


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • City of Danville


The Technical Stores Supervisor is a key person for the factory maintenance program who owns all technical store areas and people operating in the technical store. He/she is responsible for all technical store routines. This person needs to have deep understanding of the Nestlé Maintenance strategy and the maintenance foundations. The position is responsible to provide the spare parts required for the maintenance which are: easy to find, right quality, available when needed, with the optimum level of inventory and cost of management. The Technical Stores Supervisor will ensure the following activities are established and maintained: Establish and control the right storeroom area and proper 5S storage conditions; establish and control the right material master data (Material type, BOM, ABCZ classification etc.); establish and control the material movements routine (receiving, issue, returns, reordering, scrapping); establish and manage the inventory control processes (cycle counting, storeroom access process). This role is a key link with other stakeholders and must work seamlessly with technicians, maintenance planner, operational buyer and finance.


Maintain a clean and orderly 5S storeroom
Plan the storeroom layout for efficient order picking and inventory care
Organize and manage staffing levels to ensure adequate support for maintenance
Work closely with the planning/scheduling department
Provide inventory reporting to Finance and Purchasing; ensure finance approval of all stock adjustments, min/max adjustments and obsolete part write-off
Manage process to refine and control slow moving parts as well as obsolete part removal.
Monitor min/max levels and order point information
Manage inventories by ABCZ classification
Use best practice inventory management practices
Coordinate activities with other disciplines (purchasing, accounting, engineering, operations, management) to ensure a high support of maintenance activities
Provide monthly KPI reports to the maintenance manager
Coordinate special parts orders with maintenance
Provide reports to management such as inventory valuation reports, negative inventory reports, cycle count variances, scrap, and obsolescence
Attend maintenance and planning meetings
Become familiar with plant equipment and operational processes
Maintain open lines of communication
Establish and maintain “Work-Flow Process Charts” and standard operating procedures for major work systems within plant stores: Parts set-up, Parts replenishment, Parts issue, Parts return, Parts repair and re-stock, Parts Kitting, Inventory Process (Annual and Cycle Count)
Solicit training/education, network with other sites, as necessary to become the site expert on these systems.
Provide training systems for all affected personnel for the above work process.
Ensure technical stores compliance to all: safety, food safety, and environmental guidelines NGA, NSAT, TPM-PM etc and complete loss analysis to identify, and develop improvements
Budget Management. Support with technical stores data in building the zero based maintenance budget.
Understand and ensure that the proper segregation of duties are respected through appropriate allocation of roles and work, running any necessary compensating controls and report to the Factory Engineer and Factory Controller. Undertake investigation and auditing of any variances or key controls and measures, and implement corrective actions in consultation with factory management.
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