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This position is responsible for inputting, processing, and reporting of student data required for local, state and federal reporting requirements; for coordinating the student data verification and internal control processes at the school level; and for serving as a support resource for school staff using the student information system.

Reports to the Principal for day-to-day supervision. Position is guided in their duties by the Lead Data Analyst - Student under the Data and Information Division. Job appraisal is conducted jointly by the Principal and the Lead Data Analyst - Student.




  • Education Level: High school diploma.
  • Preferred_:
  • Coursework in business, computer information system, or computer science.
  • Understanding of district record keeping and state/federal reporting guidelines.
  • Associate in business administration or relate area.
  • Experience, Skill, and Certification:
processing, spreadsheets, outlook, access databases, and file


  • Ability to work in a team environment, sharing workloads and
responsibilities necessary to gather information for electronic student

record requirements.

  • Ability to input, process, verify, and report student data timely and

  • Ability to learn new concepts, work with limited supervision, and meet

  • Ability to work with frequent interruptions while engaged with multiple,
diverse assigned tasks in a flexible environment, where requirements

and procedures continuously evolve.

  • Ability to express ideas clearly in both written and oral

  • Required to score 90% or higher on a preemployment Data Entry Skills

  • Required to complete Data Ethics course and pass assessment with a
score of 90% or higher within two months of employment.


  • Inputs, processes, and verifies all student data required for local, state and federal reports.
  • Maintains 95% or better accuracy rate for data entry.
  • Responsible for attending meetings and participating in professional development activities (regular workshops and training sessions necessary to maintain proficiency in the use of all current student information software).
  • Maintains a high level of confidentiality in the administration of all student information.
  • Designs and prints reports as needed by school staff, district level staff, and program managers.
  • Works with site administrators and the Manager of Student Information Specialist to correct irregularities with data or procedural issues related to student information.
  • Conducts regular data integrity checks to ensure accurate, reliable data and compliance with district, state, and federal reporting requirements.
  • Support and follow up on teachers concerning attendance and grade posting.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Incumbents will be considered "at will." Appropriate pay will be determined based on the Grade as determined by Human Resources and allowable experience.

This is a 219 or 229 day position. (Grade 7, Non-Exempt)

A responsibility is considered to be "non-essential" (for the purposes of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act) if:

  • it is shared between multiple incumbents in the job; or
- it could be performed by an employee in another job within the workgroup.

Note the responsibility number from the list in the "Duties and Responsibilities" section for those responsibilities that could be considered "non-essential" based on this definition.

Certain limited aspects of General Duties and Responsibilities items referenced in Section 1 (b) and (d) might be considered "non-essential" in a specific situation.

Any request for accommodation must be reviewed on an "individual case" basis.


Most jobs in the District have physical and sensory demands that can be described by one of the two categories noted below.

For jobs that require more physical or sensory effort, please list the requirements in this section. The category applicable for this position is listed below.

OFFICE Employees in this category are normally exposed to a typical environment. The employee has some control over the length of time sitting, standing, or ambulating. There are occasions that require the lifting or pulling of equipment or supplies, as well as bending, stooping, or stretching. There is frequent use of computers, telephone, and other standard office equipment, which includes reading, listening, writing, or speaking. There are few exceptional physical or sensory demands.

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