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1 year ago

The Audacity

Joel Anderson · I am going to say something rash. · At a time when unity of action is critically important across the whole of society--we can ill afford all the mind numbing rhetoric, imbecilic posturing, fear mongering, disinformation and objectification of each of us through divisiveness and ...

3 years ago

Finishing the Race

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · I am sure you have heard the phase, "Make it to the Finish Line" or "Just Finish the Race." I want you to understand that the FINISH is just as important as the START. I feel they have that Yin and Yang relationship even though the goal is the Finish. · Finishing the race or goal ...

4 years ago

One Earth: And yet again, the Saga Continues

Joel Anderson ·   · A while ago, I started really thinking about all the back and forth on climate change and had originally posted the yin and yang article below, on a different site. One comment I received on the article was: “Is that the best you have?” At the time, all I could say was, “Yep. ...

5 years ago

The yin and yang of water, food, energy, population & climate.

Joel Anderson · The nexus of Water, Food, Energy, Population & Climate relationships and the potential complementary nature of opposites that may just be interconnected. · I originally wrote this after reading and endless stream of writings on the topics of water, food, energy, population and c ...

5 years ago

The Syndrome of the Long Goodbye

Phil Friedman · YOU CAN COVER A LOT OF MILES IN A ROUNDABOUT, · WITHOUT EVER GETTING ANYWHERE... · Preface:  This series of somewhat self-indulgent philosophical reflections began with "Social Media Is a Highway, Not a Destination", and I am brought back in this piece to question why one writes ...

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