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1 year ago

Gone with the wind

Greg Rolfe · Depending on who wins your future could be gone with the wind. Your hope, peace, future all gone. Well, at least that is what you have been told these last few months and even years in some locations. But is it actually true? Is your complete hope of happiness and contentedness r ...

2 years ago

Staring at a blank page

Greg Rolfe · Well it’s time to write another post perhaps a blog, something to keep my voice in the wind letting people know I exist that I too write. Yet the words fail to come, ideas flash fleetingly through my mind never lingering long enough to catch. The empty page stares at me taunting ...

3 years ago

Advice about striving after wind and the loss of hair

Greg Rolfe · We have all been told to enjoy the little things. I guess the idea was to not get so hung up on what large and incredible event that is just on the horizon that we miss all the enjoyable events that are here now. We are also reminded to remember those who are less fortunate than ...

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