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1 year ago

3 ocean carrier alliances control 95% of shipping between Asia and the US and have hiked rates more than 1,000%. The White House wants to shake their control.

Francisco Lopez · 3 ocean carrier alliances control 95% of shipping between Asia and the US and have hiked rates more than 1,000%. The White House wants to shake their control. · President Biden is taking aim at skyrocketing shipping prices and fatter corporate profits in his administration's larg ...

1 year ago

Putin Orders Russian Troops to Invade Eastern Ukraine

Francisco Lopez · Putin Orders Russian Troops to Invade Eastern Ukraine · Declaring two Ukrainian regions “independent,” Putin dispatched “peacekeepers” and warned Ukraine not to fight back. The White House issued immediate sanctions. · https://www.defenseone.com/threats/2022/02/putin-orders-russi ...

1 year ago

'A huge deal': Biden gets praised for rolling back one of Trump's 'cruelest legacies'

Francisco Lopez · 'A huge deal': Biden gets praised for rolling back one of Trump's 'cruelest legacies' · After the White House on Thursday rejected a proposal to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients in Georgia—the last state with a federal waiver permitting such restrictions—President ...

2 years ago

Revealed: Mike Flynn hid $200K payments for Middle East nuclear plan before joining White House

Francisco Lopez · Revealed: Mike Flynn hid $200K payments for Middle East nuclear plan before joining White House · Michael Flynn received $200,000 in undisclosed payments for consulting work in the Middle East before joining Donald Trump's administration.The retired U.S. Army general was paid for ...

2 years ago


Francisco Lopez · Sinema tells White House she’s opposed to current prescription drug plan · The Arizona Democrat joined Joe Manchin in giving the president a wake-up call on the reconciliation bill. · https://www.politico.com/news/2021/09/19/kyrsten-sinema-biden-drug-pricing-prescription-plan-512 ...

2 years ago

20 Years Ago

Jerry Fletcher · .I was startled by my wife screaming, “Oh my God!” over and over and over.  · I ran to the family room and she gasped, “Turn the TV on.” · My daughter joined us about then rubbing sleep from her eyes. · The first tower fell.  · The second soon after. · Commentators were often at ...

3 years ago


Patrick Scullin · President Donald J. Trump is a man who loves shattering norms. His latest conquest? The American election system. · Today the president invited The Lint Screen to The White House and claimed he won the 2020 presidential election “hands down. A tremendous landslide victory.” Asked ...

3 years ago


Patrick Scullin · White House trade adviser Peter Navarro is one of President Trump’s most reliable cheerleaders, and yesterday he picked up his pom-poms again in support of our fearless leader. · “The fake news has it all wrong,” Navarro told The Lint Screen. “People shouldn’t avoid contracting t ...

4 years ago

Author and Activist Spotlight: Michelle Obama

Suzanne Grandt · Former First Lady Michelle Obama serves as a shining example of service and activism for her fellow Americans. By the time she reached the White House, she already had accomplished a lot; before becoming the first African American First Lady of the United States, she was an Ivy L ...

4 years ago


Patrick Scullin · The looney liberals have been returned to their asylum. Yesterday, they got schooled by President Donald J. Trump and put in their place. · White House legal sharpshooters sent an 8-page letter to the torch and pitchfork crowd in Congress and said, “Here’s our response to your st ...

4 years ago


Patrick Scullin · Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney popped into The Lint Screen offices as he continued his ongoing defense of President Trump against charges of racism. · “Look, I know a lot of people are in a lather over the president’s recent Twitter rampage against Elijah Cumming ...

4 years ago

Horror In The White House; The Administration Is Terrified

Patrick Scullin · We live in truly perilous and terrifying times. · As President Trump works overtime to make America great again, disturbing reports have surfaced that he is being haunted by a sinister demon. · "The president is an extremely brave man," sidekick Mike Pence said. "But he is being ...

4 years ago


Patrick Scullin · President Trump faced a difficult decision yesterday — what to serve the college football champion Clemson Tigers during their White House celebration visit. · “The president has excellent taste,” political advisor Stephen Miller told The Lint Screen. “He originally wanted to exp ...

5 years ago


Patrick Scullin · The band U2 is not known for being political, but the Irish rockers are making a move to the most political place on Earth — 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! · Bono told The Lint Screen today that the band’s next album will be recorded in the situation room in the White House. · “I hear ...

5 years ago

Waldo Asks, “Where’s Melania?”

Patrick Scullin · Waldo Creedendamp is the world’s foremost expert on blending in and becoming invisible, and even he is curious to know the whereabouts of first lady Melania Trump. · “It’s like she’s vanished from the Earth,” Waldo told The Lint Screen as he paged through an Orvis catalog of plai ...

5 years ago

Stephanie Clifford Named New White House Chief of Staff

Patrick Scullin · “A fresh new approach” to White House management is promised · White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced late Friday that General John F. Kelly is stepping down as White House Chief of Staff and will be replaced by Stephanie Clifford, a woman with a mysterious ...

5 years ago

Protests Erupt Over Bannon’s TLS Interview

Patrick Scullin · The global offices of The Lint Screen were swarmed today by tens of thousands of angry protestors upset because the internationally renowned publication had interviewed unemployed Steve Bannon. · The tarnished former presidential advisor was foolishly hoping to get hired at The L ...

6 years ago

The Situation To Be Trump's New Sec. of State

Patrick Scullin · Leave it to this White House to keep things interesting! · In an exclusive scoop, The Lint Screen has learned Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino will soon be named the new Secretary of State, replacing Rex Tillerson. · A sneaky, loose-lipped White House insider (whose father has run ...

6 years ago

Enforcer Brought Into White House

Patrick Scullin · The only constant in the Trump White House is constant change. · Recently appointed chief of staff Gen. John Kelley announced today he has a new member on his team, Sister Ellen Marie Grace, a retired 86-year-old Catholic nun from St. Mark’s parish in Baltimore. · “I’ve fought in ...

6 years ago

Happy Birthday to Me! Please Hold the Applause

David B. Grinberg · Yesterday was my birthday. · No, I won't tell you my age. Let's just say I'm fast approaching mid-life, or something like it. Also, I desperately need to update my profile picture, even if it means paying a professional photographer. Admission: that profile pic is over 5-years ol ...

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