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3 weeks ago

People don't resist #change. They resist being changed. - (Peter Senge)

Don Hornsby · In what ways are you resisting being changed for the better today? · #success #leadership #TodayMatters #Sunday #Weekend

1 year ago

One rough weekend

Greg Rolfe · This weekend has been a bit rough. Saturday morning a good friend of mine died. Just over 48 hours later my grandfather passed. And for each in their own way, it was time, but for we, who remain, it was a rough weekend. · Normally at this point, I would remind you to “carpe diem” ...

1 year ago


PD Scullin · President Donald Trump has been called The Chosen One, and like Moses returning from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments, he has decreed it is time his people return to places of worship. · “We can’t allow this pandemic cause us to lose our faith,” Trump told The Lint Screen. “ ...

4 years ago

The Weekend's Almost Here

Randy Keho · It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere · "

5 years ago

Risky Business

Michael D. Davis · It's the weekend and #thedailychalkboard invites you to go out and play! Read the post. You'll get it when you do. As always you can find a text version of this and all other chalkboard posts here: http://thedailychalkboard.tumblr.com/  Have a wonderful weekend! #michaelddavis

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