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9 months ago

How to Socially Distance and Volunteer

Wesley Oler IV · To socially distance, you do not have to end involvement with other people. Even though in-person gathering poses a threat, you can still volunteer without risking transmission of COVID-19. Here are ways to socially distance and volunteer. · 1. CRISIS LINES · This refers to onlin ...

10 months ago

How to Volunteer While Social Distancing | Peter Palivos, Attorney

Peter Palivos Attorney · Maintaining social distance doesn’t have to mean an end to community involvement. While in-person gatherings do pose a threat, it’s still possible to continue volunteering without risking COVID-19 transmission. · Crisis Lines · Crisis lines are an online mental health service for ...

1 year ago

How Charities Can Turn Volunteers Into Donors

Steve Maleh · Volunteers are the lifeblood of many nonprofits. Not only do they contribute time, but many volunteers contribute monetarily to the organizations they support. According to the International AFP conference, the average volunteer is four times as likely to donate. And they typical ...

1 year ago

Why it’s Important to Volunteer in College

Peter Palivos Attorney · Volunteerism is a practice that should be carried out by everyone at least once in their life. Not only does it give a great sense of gratitude and perspective about your own privilege, but it also genuinely makes the world a better place. Both the givers and the recipients of vo ...

1 year ago

Virtual Volunteering

Richard Abbe · When asked what volunteering is, one may describe it as going out to your local food drive to hand out goods or a school to help out with painting and building. It has usually been something that you go out and do, but more recently that has changed. These days, many organization ...

2 years ago

How Volunteering Will Change Your Life

Wesley Oler IV · Most of us know the benefits when it comes to volunteering and how it changes the lives of the people in need. With that being said, there are still many opportunities to volunteer and the number of volunteers has been on the decline, with only 25% of people surveyed volunteering ...

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