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2 months ago

How To Go About Creating An E-Commerce Brand?

App Development Agency · The infrastructure that powers the global e-commerce ecosystem is scaling rapidly, and investors are catching up with the trends. It helps them determine where commerce infrastructure and overall technology stack head. Read ahead to find how you can plan to build an e-commerce br ...

6 months ago

Trends That Will Define the Future of Business

Opeyemi Odeyale · As an entrepreneur or a business owner, you often sit back and think about trends that will impact your business. Depending on your business, trends can either bring more significant opportunities or get in the way of some of your business. As an entrepreneur, it is vital to have ...

11 months ago

Investing After COVID-19

Wesley Oler IV · COVID-19 has made significant changes to society. It's not just the medical sector that's been affected. Education and many office jobs have primarily shifted to online platforms. Many small businesses have closed. Schools, stores, and other businesses will be rethinking how much ...

4 years ago

Is the truth simply my perspective?

Greg Rolfe · How often are we asked to believe that an individual’s perspective is truth and their opinion is fact? One of the evidences of this trend is in the trend we see as #not my president, if this were indeed true the person speaking would not be a citizen which would then imply they h ...

5 years ago

Chasing the Trend: When Did We Abandon Individualism?

Phil Friedman · THERE IS A WELL-WORN SAYING ABOUT POLITICIANS SEEING WHICH DIRECTION THE PARADE IS GOING... THEN RUNNING HARD TO GET TO THE HEAD OF THE LINE AND LEAD IT... · Preface: This series of somewhat self-indulgent literary and philosophical reflections began with "Social Media Is a Highw ...

5 years ago

The Quest for Visibility: Chasing the Trend on Social Media

Phil Friedman · SEARCHING FOR THE LINE BETWEEN OPPORTUNITY AND OPPORTUNISM... ·   Preface: This is the fourteenth installment of this series by Jim Murray and me. We’ve kept at it, because the response in terms of readership and engagement continues to be gratifying. In fac ...

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