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4 months ago

Critical Supply Chain Risk Workshop for Pharmaceutical

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Image source: Pixabay  · FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR ·   · When: Anytime · Where: Online · Duration: 1 Hour · Cost: FREE ·   · REGISTER NOW TO WATCH THE  WEBINAR RECORDING ·   · Map your journey to supply chain resilience ·   · Webinar Description: Pharmaceutical companies face a daun ...

2 years ago

Pearl of a Pal

Jerry Fletcher · A call in the night. · Just after 3:00 AM my phone rang in the tiny Barcelona hotel where I’m staying. It was Gail. The phone announced her name as I blundered to the desk trying to find it in the dark. She was calling to check with me on some information to put in her husband L ...

3 years ago

5 Life Changing Lessons From TONY ROBBINS

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · There are different speakers and authors who's books and audios I love to read and listen to. Each have inspired me in different areas of my life. Such people are Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and Zig Ziglar are just a few. Right now I want to share ...

3 years ago

Hi Ho, Silver — I’m Off To New Horizons

PD Scullin · Almost four decades ago, I entered the ad business as a young buck who could discern between shit and shinola with 50% accuracy. · I became an ad copywriter because I didn’t have the guts to pursue the hard life of striving to make it as a writer-writer. · The notion of being a s ...

4 years ago

To Catch A Fish

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee · Fear of death resides in the abyss of our minds. We claw at its inevitability at some point in our lives. Immortality reigns in all of us then fades, leaving the clear knowledge that yes, we all die—shit, me included. · We go through life with doors opening in front of us, and do ...

4 years ago

Insights From 20-Years In The Crazy Adgame

PD Scullin · Pictured above are a couple of libations my business partner Tony O’Haire, and I shared recently celebrating 20-years of leading an advertising agency. · They’re Manhattans — old school madmen drinks, the appropriate cocktails for playing two decades in Don Draper’s game (without ...

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