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5 months ago

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Start Setting Financial Goals

Tineke Rensen · Keeping finances in check plays a major part in running a successful business, especially for female entrepreneurs. Proper finance management ensures the development of any business and prevents it from crumbling before even hitting its peak. · However, many females entrepreneurs ...

11 months ago

El aborto y sus lobistas

Cecilia Castelli · Cuando estudié mi carrera en Periodismo y Comunicación, el grupo académico que dirigía las clases nos instaba a que siempre investigáramos por cuenta propia antes de sacar conclusiones precipitadas. Pero nunca nos decían que siguiéramos al dinero para evaluar las verdaderas inten ...

3 years ago

Sales Training Exercises

Brian Connell · Here are a few sales training exercises to liven up your sales training. The goal of sales training is to give salespeople a set of skills and tools that radically improve their sales performance. The use of sales training courses is an essential part of the whole sales industry, ...

4 years ago

Thrashing What Everybody Knows

Jerry Fletcher · Actions do speak louder than words. · When you operate on the basis of "everybody knows" you enter into a world of hope, half-truths and heaps of pain. Examples: · 1. Price · Everybody knows that if you're product is the "new kid on the block" your price should be the lowest. ...

4 years ago

What percentage of total B2B sales opportunities should be qualified?

Mike Ciccolella · Image Credit: www.number9creative.com · This reflection comes from a thoughtful comment and question on one of my earlier posts titled Sales Pipeline Stages & Probability Percentages. · Question: "Great information. What is your opinion about what percentage of your total opport ...

4 years ago


Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador · The Nation's 212,000 traditional food stores sold $571 billion of retail food and nonfood products in 2011. Grocery stores, including supermarkets, accounted for the largest share of food store sales (91.0 percent), followed by convenience stores without gasoline (5.5 percent). S ...

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