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5 months ago

What to Know Before Choosing a Career in Sports Law

Richard Foster · People should know these five things before pursuing a career in sports law. · Specialize in one sport · Standing out as a general sports lawyer is difficult. Athletes with legal issues do not want the third-best lawyer to represent them. They want the best lawyer in the field be ...

6 months ago

E-Sports Law on the Rise

Richard Foster · In the past couple of years, E-sports has been taking over the world of entertainment with various video games like the Call of Duty franchise and Fortnite. The reason for this is that players have found that it can be just as exciting to watch players at the top skill bracket of ...

10 months ago

Top 10 Books to Read on Sports Law

Richard Foster · Whether you are just beginning your career or are a bit further down the path to your future, you are certain to find a plethora of useful information, tools, and resources in the following list of books. A diverse selection of comprehensive yet user friendly literature, you can ...

1 year ago

Professions In Sports Law: Explained

Richard Foster · Not everyone that wants a career in sports in sports can be a professional athlete. The good news is that there are substitute career paths, including entering into sports law. This puts people in the thick of the industry in ways they may never have dreamed of before.  · One of ...

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