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1 day ago

Song: Higher Intelligence

Robbie Newport · Song: Higher Intelligence ·   This is a song I created and recorded around summer 2021; not too long ago amidst the current and long-lasting dystopian nightmare coronav... · https://robbielowdown0music.blogspot.com/2021/10/song-higher-intelligence.html

2 weeks ago

Song: Out My Own Back Door

Robbie Newport · Song: Out My Own Back Door (Album: Vol. 2) ·   Here is another downhome country favorite written by Maxie Kinney as she reflects through a beautiful oldtime melody and heartfelt lyrics ... · https://www.maxiekinney.com/2021/10/song-out-my-own-back-door-album-vol-2.html

3 weeks ago


Hypefresh Hiphop · Recently, Wale revealed that he and J. Cole will team up for a new song off his new album. The two seem like unlikely collaborators. · Unlikely Collaborators Wale, J. Cole Team Up For New Song · The old saying goes that all wounds heal with time. In Wale and J. Cole’s case, the s ...

1 year ago

The honor of "One Rose"

Fay Vietmeier · “Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come.” · ~ Song of Songs 2 · “Bring me one rose” · "Bring me one rose while I’m alive" · A small request when you arrive · Who can know the gifting power? · Love is spoken by one flower · One sweet rose for one sweet ...

2 years ago

The Origin of Chinese Paper Money | Bob Klein of Medici Capital

Bob Klein · Both the earliest forms of currency and the first instances of paper money can be attributed to Chinese innovation. Cast iron coins from the 11th century BCE have been discovered in use from the Shang Dynasty. Around 20 centuries later, the invention of inexpensive paper-making a ...

4 years ago

Aimee Song, A Fashion Influencer To Know

Candice 🐝 Galek · Aimee Song is best known her ultra-popular fashion blog Song of Style. Don’t believe me about how popular it is? It gets viewed more than two million times every month, and it’s because of that, that she’s had the opportunity to collaborate with some major fashion brands. Aimee h ...

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