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4 years ago

Digital Selling or Is It Social Selling?

Brian Connell · At times, there can be confusion over the terms “Digital Selling” and “Social Selling”. The sales training and enablement industry interchange these terms without proper explanation. · Digital Selling is the act of using digital assets to engage buyers, while Social Selling is t ...

4 years ago

Direct Mail is Back from the Dead

Mike Ciccolella ·                                                                      Image Credit: www.number9creative.com · Direct mail can break through the digital overload, which your target contacts experience daily. Results, however, will depend on how you execute your campaigns! · Over th ...

4 years ago

Ten Ways Salespeople Can Crush Social Selling

Mike Ciccolella · Image Credit: binyaminmellish · Social selling techniques and activities will help you drastically improve and warm up connections, emails, LinkedIn InMails, Twitter DMs, videos, and phone calls. Try these 10 strategies and see your results improve: · Build your personal brand an ...

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