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4 months ago

Top 5 CRM Software for Small Businesses

Mahipal Nehra · Everyone requires a strong relationship with customers to grow their business. But getting more customers, building your bottom line and scaling operations need investment in ideal concepts. Having an all-in-one CRM system will give you visibility of the customer from every angle ...

11 months ago

Debunking Common Finance Myths for Small Businesses

Jorge Alberto Lloreda · There exist finance myths that every small business owner believes. Debt is one of the scary words in business but a useful one. Getting to know its effect on small businesses will gauge great growth opportunities as you run your business with confidence. Here are three finance m ...

1 year ago

What to Know About PPP Loans for Small Businesses

Jorge Alberto Lloreda · PPP loans are loans from the Paycheck Protection Program, designed to keep as many people as possible during the COVID pandemic. The coronavirus stimulus package included specific guidance on how to use the PPP loan funds, along with the criteria on how to qualify for loan forgiv ...

5 years ago

Key Outsourcing Tips for Small Businesses

Phil Friedman · BASED ON LONG EXPERIENCE IN THE MARINE INDUSTRY, THESE TIPS APPLY EQUALLY TO ALL SMALL BUSINESSES… · I think it's fair to say that the recreational marine industry has entered a period of “cautious optimism”. Perhaps the business sector in which you work has as well. If so, in ...

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