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1 week ago

Your Guide to Beating the Sunday Night Blues

Davia Ward · The condition has many names: the Sunday Night Blues, the Sunday Scaries. If you struggle with an increase in anxiety, sadness, and dread on a Sunday evening, you’re not alone. According to a poll, 78% of people struggle on Sunday nights. · Psychologists classify the Sunday Night ...

1 month ago

Resolving Problems

Greg Rolfe · We each in our own way have the need to resolve problems. We face generally a reasonable amount of situations that require our attention and unenviable more than a few of them need repair. We face the opportunity to solve problems. · Now it is true that some of these problems are ...

5 months ago

Moving on From Your Job Without Burning Bridges

Desiree Peterkin Bell · Everyone reaches a point at which they need to leave a job, and how you leave your job can affect your own future. For instance, the way you depart from a job can influence how easily you can find a new position with a different company. Here are a few tips for leaving on the bes ...

5 months ago

How is your day?

Greg Rolfe · Each of us face days where, to be honest, we aren't having the best of times. Days that regardless of how we adjust our actions seem to simply go from not so great, to wow this is bad. These are the days that test our ability to “make the best of it”. · To make the best of a poor ...

6 months ago

Post from Greg Rolfe

Greg Rolfe · There is nothing new under the sun · This is a very self-explanatory phrase. The situation you face has been faced before, the thoughts you are having have been had before. What you are going to do has been done before. So whatever you choose to do, ensure that it is worth repeat ...

1 year ago

Taking out the trash

Greg Rolfe · Why do we take out the trash? Because we don't want it in our homes. Trash adds to the clutter but it also carries with it an order and eventually sickness. So we take it out. So why do we often fail to take out our emotional trash? · Honestly we tend to hold grudges, focus on w ...

2 years ago

How Real Estate Agents Can Protect Themselves

Peter Palivos Attorney · Real estate agents are often given a lot of responsibility. When trying to help someone sell or buy a home, they typically have access to the said home during the process in order to show potential buyers the property. While this is rather commonplace in the industry, a potential ...

3 years ago

The bliss of ignorance

Greg Rolfe · I was recently reminded of the reality that there are times that ignorance can be good. When we are unaware of an event or truth we are free from the irritation or concern over the issue. But once we become aware of the situations we are to some degree responsible to reach for a ...

3 years ago

Was 2017 a year you want to remember?

Greg Rolfe · Well 2018 has finally arrived. We have waited 365 days for it and it is finally here. For some this is a blessed relief and yet for others they will miss the wonders of 2017. Where you stand depends on the decisions you made in 2017. The greatest truth is that if 2017 was a very ...

4 years ago

I failed to be content, will you?

Greg Rolfe · Paul makes a statement that is often quoted but rarely understood. I have learned to be content. This vastly underrated phrase is at the very heart of the discord in our lives. We are not content. We are not able to enjoy where we are in life. · Paul learned to be content with h ...

4 years ago

The Situation To Be Trump's New Sec. of State

PD Scullin · Leave it to this White House to keep things interesting! · In an exclusive scoop, The Lint Screen has learned Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino will soon be named the new Secretary of State, replacing Rex Tillerson. · A sneaky, loose-lipped White House insider (whose father has run ...

5 years ago

‘The Situation’ Pondering Political Career

PD Scullin · Look out Donald, there’s a creature coming from the sea who may take you down! · After witnessing the incredible success Donald J. Trump has had in politics, Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino of Jersey Shore fame is thinking he may campaign to be the next president of these United ...

5 years ago

The frustrating reality of “I am Sorry”

Greg Rolfe · As we grow in our lives we make a number of mistakes, some large others not so bad but mistakes are made. What we learn from these mistakes is that the phrase “I am sorry” does not fix or repair said mistake. · Yes we are truly repentant for our actions but the broken door or hur ...

5 years ago

You said what?!

Greg Rolfe · I have heard a lot of chatter on how to express yourself when things go wrong. And having been on both sides of the “correct” option, I thought I might weigh in. · Expressing yourself in a tense situation can be difficult in fact it can be vastly frustrating. All your plans have ...

5 years ago

Blame shifting never delivers the results it promises

Greg Rolfe · Blaming our problems on others is hardly new, Adam and Eve choose to do exactly that at the beginning of time and we have not stopped since. The influence others have on our lives is real and it does affect how we think and even how we act but it is we who make our decisions. · T ...

5 years ago

Opening that can of worms

Greg Rolfe · When was the last time you intentionally choose to open a can of worms? Yes, I mean going back to a problem that may not appear to have a solution or at least not an easy one. The issue with a can of worms is that on average no one wants to deal with them. The result is then that ...

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