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3 weeks ago
Locations Cloud Scraping

Which Are The Largest Convenience Store Chains In The US | Locationscloud

Locations Cloud Scraping · Over the next 5 years, convenience store chains in the United States will outperform all other retailers. This is because grocery stores are closer to consumers’ residences and have fewer crowds than huge supermarkets or hypermarkets, both of which are vital precautions in the ev ...

10 months ago
David Grislis

Shell Stands With Scotland's 'Net-Zero' Policy

David Grislis · Scotland is making plans to reach net-zero by 2050, and Royal Dutch Shell, commonly referred to as Shell, is planning to stand by and support this goal. In December 2019, Steve Phimister, Shell UK’s upstream vice president, wrote an opinion piece for Energy Vice acknowledging how ...

1 year ago
David Grislis

How to Get Into the Oil and Gas Business

David Grislis · The oil and gas industry employs millions of workers worldwide, making it a competitive industry to get involved in. As with any industry, there are things to consider: which aspect of the field would you want to get involved in? Do you have the experience necessary to join the b ...

3 years ago
Jerry Fletcher

Just Follow Up!

Jerry Fletcher · Three times in the last few days I was given a reason to trust. · A test drive · First, I received an e-mail from my local speakers association asking me to “take the new website for a test drive.” Seem the volunteers that run the organization had made the changes they had prom ...

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