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4 weeks ago

A Fresh Start

Mark Blevins · It's been a while since I've written about anything. Not much I've wanted to blog about during the covid-19 pandemic. Hope everyone who takes the time to read my blog has been doing okay. · For the most part things have been good. I had to get tested a few times because people in ...

2 years ago

Happy Holidays?

Mark Blevins · It's getting cold here in Seattle. Maybe not as cold as some of the cities in other parts of the country, but you can still feel it. · The other when I was going to work there were a bunch of cops standing around a corner in the downtown area. They had a guy handcuffed and lying ...

2 years ago

Surviving Fake News

Mark Blevins · A couple of weeks ago I went to the library in downtown Seattle and got a copy of the information of the class called The Fake News Survival Guide. I found it to be some interesting reading. · For instance: When you look up things on the same computer or log on to a website with ...

2 years ago

Writing About Something Useful To Others

Mark Blevins · It’s been weeks since I sat down and made time to write something to blog about. I read an article a while back about putting too much of your personal information in blog posts. The article was about finding a topic people might find useful to write about. · That hit home for m ...

2 years ago

False Faces

Mark Blevins · Mistério das Letras: Série: The Pretender · NBC - 1996 a 2000 Quatro Temporadas - Dois Filmes SOBRE O QUE SE TRATA: A série narra a história de um jovem chamado Jarod, que, ... · I've been having trouble paying my storage unit fees for a 5-by-5 foot unit I rented to store my st ...

2 years ago

Renting A Room - Or Not

Mark Blevins · Google Images :  Roommates, Rooms for rent & Sublets in Seattle | SpareRoom · I had an appointment to see a room for rent here in Seattle last Friday. The week was busy for me so I didn't have time to check out the area. Friday was also a busy day for me so I decided to cancel ...

2 years ago

Business as Usual

Mark Blevins · It's been a while since I wrote anything in my blog. It's just been business as usual in Seattle. Still looking for a place that isn't too far out to move into. Was going to wait until I moved to write in my blog, but that might take a while. · People have been asking about the u ...

2 years ago

Trying Too Hard to Do Something For Everyone?

Mark Blevins · It’s been a while since I wrote anything to blog about. My brother called me today and asked if I was still writing. Since he’s the third or fourth person who’s asked me that I think it’s time to start writing and drawing again. · I’ve been busy looking for a new place. The one ...

3 years ago

The Simple Joy of a Smile (or several): Part II

Joel Anderson · Another captured moment/series of moments. Just like before this post is a simple reflection of those "snap shots in time highlighting the simple and sometimes small things in life that make one smile.” · Over the past week, my wife and I watched our niece Laura while her parent ...

3 years ago

This Week in Seattle

Mark Blevins · The class at Work Source has us taking at least two personality profile tests a week. We go online and spend around twenty minutes on each one then print them out. The teacher says it’s to help us figure out what kind of field of work we’d be good at, or like to get into. I score ...

4 years ago


Mark Blevins · I saw some friends last week. They told me Friday the 13th was coming up and asked me if I was ready for it. I told them except for some horror movies I don’t even know what Friday the 13th is even about. · They laughed and said they just sit around watching old horror movies li ...

4 years ago

A Day In The Park

Mark Blevins ·  I came back to Seattle the end f last December because one of my daughters was having trouble. It’s hard to believe I’ve been here for almost a year. · Since I’ve been here I’ve seen most of my kids and my granddaughter’s mom. Seattle has never registered to me as home. I lived ...

4 years ago

Something Out of Place

Mark Blevins · The weather is getting back to normal here in Seattle. That means the rain is here. For months people have looked at me like I’m crazy because I’ve been walking around with a coat draped over my arm. Well a lot of people think I’m crazy, but I lived here in Seattle for 16 years b ...

4 years ago

What? A Value Proposition for Non-Profits?

Steven Marshall · Note: Value propositions are essential for any company; why not non-profit corporations? Here are two case histories of recent nonprofit clients that needed some help with that. Enjoy! Previous installments of my weekly blog can be found on my website at http://stevemarshallassoc ...

4 years ago

A Day in Seattle

Mark Blevins · I got up early this morning and stretched out. I’m staying at a place closer to Seattle. You walk down a hill and you’re downtown. The place I was stretching out at is called Freeway Park. It’s next to the Convention Center. It’s a nice place. People eat lunch and walk their dogs ...

4 years ago

Some Thoughts About The Week

Mark Blevins · I was at the bus stop a few days ago with other guys waiting to go into town. The one that came was already crowded so I waited for the next one. Since My injuries retired me from labor jobs I have plenty of time to get where I’m going. · That’s how it’s been since 2009. First y ...

4 years ago

End Game

Mark Blevins · I was working on one of my drawings this morning at a Starbucks I like to hang out in. While I was adding some color to my project, two women in business sat down at a table next to me. · One of them was talking about a problem she was having with a company who hired her as a co ...

4 years ago

Almost Famous?

Mark Blevins · It's been a while since I wrote anything in my blog. Between working on my portfolio and visiting my kids, It's been busy for me. They're all grown. My oldest son is 30 and my other kids are in their 20's. It seems strange to call them kids. I'm just glad they're making lives for ...

4 years ago

Back To Normal

Mark Blevins · I went to the art college last week. They wanted to see at least 10 drawings for my portfolio review. I only had 8 to show. I explained I’ve been busy. My daughter needed my help that’s why I came back to Seattle. Now one of my son’s ex is here with my granddaughter. · The guy in ...

4 years ago

Do What You Want

Mark Blevins · It’s almost Daylight Savings Time. That’ when you set your clocks an hour ahead, and lose some sleep. How did people come up with the term “daylight savings time” anyways? It sounds to me like some scientist figured out a way to save daylight and use it when it got too dark. Don’ ...

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