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6 months ago

Lost in a Sea of COVID Noise

Lexus Peters · I learned that everything I have ever lost only set me free · Playing the victim does not bring me any more relief · Asking for help doesn't make me weak · NO doesn't mean convince me.  · I learned how to stand on my own two feet,  · and to find something and start trusting in it ...

1 year ago

Finding peace in a sea of molasses

Greg Rolfe · Each morning we open our eyes and we have the chance, indeed the opportunity to have a great day. And that great day is dependent on what we focus on. We can focus on the various problems we face and the myriad of painful solutions that come to mind or we can deal with the proble ...

4 years ago

Emotions Require No Special Effects

PD Scullin · This weekend, you can feast your eyes on the special effects extravaganza of “Rogue One,” the new “Star Wars” movie, or, perhaps see “Manchester By The Sea,” a film with no special effects and a budget that was probably less than the craft services budget of the sci-fi thrill rid ...

5 years ago

Day 2 Disney Fantasy Caribbean Cruise

Brook Massey · Home » Day 2 Disney Fantasy Cruise Day at Sea · MAY 8, 2016 BY FAMILY TRAVEL ESCAPADES · Day 2 Disney Fantasy Cruise · Day at Sea/Cuba · Day 2 Disney Fantasy Cruise of the Western Caribbean was to be a day at sea with highlights of passing Cuba and the Aladdin Musical in the Walt ...

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