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3 months ago

Classification of Sales Leads: Hot, Warm or Cold

Judy Caroll · Learn the basics of classifying sales leads and start fine-tuning your right away. · Video Transcript: · A typical telemarketer makes at least 140 live calls, talks to at least 40 decision-makers, acquires at least 10 fresh contact emails, and sends out reference materials to at ...

1 year ago

My Advice to Marketing & Sales Pro’s On How To Build Your Equity Portfolio

Edwin Dearborn · Most entrepreneurs in all disciplines of marketing and sales are familiar with the idea of working on your business, not just in your business. · Another familiar concept and strategy is that residual income is always the best type of revenue stream for building long-term wealth. ...

1 year ago

B2B Sales and Marketing Recruiters | Executive Search | Serving clients throughout the United States

Mike Ciccolella ·                                                                      Image Credit: www.sidekicksalesvideos.com · B2B,B2B Appointment Setting,B2B Sales,BDR,Best Lead Generation Company Minneapolis,Best Lead Generation Company Minnesota,Best Lead Generation Company Near Me,Best Lea ...

1 year ago

The Power of Insights: Elevate Your Brand, Marketing & Sales

Edwin Dearborn · In context to your branding, marketing and selling strategies and activities, sharing insight represents a deep understanding of your target consumers' attitudes and beliefs, which then connect with them at an emotional and cognitive level. · Genuine insights, when articulated an ...

1 year ago

The Bermuda Triangle of Marketing & Sales

Edwin Dearborn · While your brand is concentrating on its subtle differences to position itself above your competitors, consumers are mainly concentrating on the many similarities you share with your competitors. · Product quality and excellent customer service is required just to get to the tabl ...

1 year ago

How A Sustained Content Marketing Will Increase Your Investments & Sales

Edwin Dearborn · This is a short summary of how a sustained content marketing campaign will greatly assist your brand to attract new investor opportunities, as well as increase the sale of your products and services.  · What Exactly Is Content Marketing? · This explanation is taken directly from ...

2 years ago

The Absolute Most Important Activity In Growing Sales & New Customers

Edwin Dearborn · “Your pipeline must always be full. This is at the very basic level of any sales process, but many sales people get lazy and forget to drum up new business. You are always putting new prospects in your pipeline. If you simply out-work and out-prospect everyone else around you, yo ...

2 years ago

Meet Ellipsis - the Seducer in Your Sales Copy

Judy Olbrych · You’ve seen her everywhere.  · She leaves her marks on press releases, landing pages, web pages … every place you find a copywriter’s words.  · She’s started countless arguments among writers. · And she magnetizes your sales copy in three itsy bitsy character spaces … · The ellip ...

3 years ago

Quality Level of Sales Leads

Edwin Dearborn · This is a scale that we put together to not only score the quality of lead types, but to also demonstrate the progression of actions necessary to elevate their score. · A+ · Happy, existing client who wants to continue to buy more. Can be upsold easily. This was brought about by ...

4 years ago

Sales & Marketing Alignment from an Insider

Mike Ciccolella · Image Credit: www.number9creative.com · Yes - lead definition, digital scoring, marketing automation, qualification, recycling, service level agreements, closed-loop reporting, and dashboards foster sales and marketing alignment… to a point. Do you want to know how to take alignm ...

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