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2 weeks ago

Prebuilt Taxi App For Sale

Josh deo · Looking for a taxi Booking App for Sale? Our readymade solution offers a straightforward way to acquire a fully operational application and establish your presence in the cab booking market. · Read more: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/taxi-app-sale/

8 months ago
10 months ago

Trailers of Michigan, LLC.

Trailers of Michigan, LLC. · Trailers of Michigan, LLC is the largest trailer dealer in all of Southeastern Michigan. We have a wide selection of many types of trailers, including car haulers, cargo trailers, deckover trailers, dump trailers, enclosed trailers, equipment trailers, gooseneck trailers, landsca ...

1 year ago

Free Sales Training Resource

Brian Connell · Free Sales Training Resource · Free sales training resource with sales training videos, tips on selling skills, key sales skills and lots of sales training articles. · https://social-media.typepad.com/blog/

1 year ago

Sales Objections And How To Overcome Them

Brian Connell · Sales Objections And How To Overcome Them - The Digital Sales Institute · Sales objections do not need to be a barrier to winning more sales. Handling sales objections is a skill which with training can be mastered. · https://www.thedigitalsalesinstitute.com/sales-objections-how- ...

1 year ago

Sales and GDPR – How to Remain Compliant

Brian Connell · Sales and GDPR - How to Remain Compliant - The Digital Sales Institute · Sales and GDPR need to work together so companies remain compliant when it comes to selling to both prospects and existing database contacts. · https://www.thedigitalsalesinstitute.com/sales-and-gdpr-how-to- ...

1 year ago

Why Every Insurance Company Should Switch to Electronic Signatures?

Paula Williams · Why Every Insurance Company Should Switch to Electronic Signatures? · Traditionally, insurance companies have relied on telephone and direct sales alone to acquire customers and respond to them, which is still by a great means their prime channel of communication. However, it is ...

1 year ago

Basic Sales Tactics That Work

Brian Connell · Basic sales tactics can sometimes be overlooked in the quest to create a more complex sales strategy or sales process that is more flair than factual. As every salesperson or business owner knows, the goal of selling is to acquire more customers – profitably!! · All sales tactics ...

1 year ago

How to Write Content That Drives Sales

Brian Connell · How to write content that drives sales is the dream of every writer today. However, actually getting it done requires a few key essentials. · Writing good content for sales isn’t easy, but it’s not rocket science either. Many writers struggle with the thought of selling something ...

1 year ago

Sales Skills 101

Brian Connell · Sales Skills 101 Training · Introduction to sales skills 101 training from The Digital Sales Institute. Gain an insight into the critical sales skills every salesperson needs today. htt... · https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvBpAXhukcM · Introduction to sales skills 101 training f ...

3 years ago

This Is The Best Way To Get More Hot Sales Leads

John White, MBA · In today’s digital world, it matters how many visitors and clicks you get, and ultimately how many of those turn into sales leads. As technology has advanced over the years, the amount of information and data that is available is astounding, and the things you can learn about the ...

3 years ago

Tips for Creating an Appealing Virtual Property Tour

Peter Palivos Attorney · Virtual real estate tours can make or break a sale. The typical real estate agent is discovering another hat they need to wear in order to make use of this amazing resource. Basically, they have to think like a filmmaker.  · A director looks through the lens and visualizes the po ...

3 years ago

Free Online Sales Training

Brian Connell · Accessing free online sales training lessons are a great way to start your learning journey to improving your sales skills. During your sales career you will need to learn critical selling skills including how to attract and engage customers, lead generation, conducting sales ...

4 years ago

100+ Brandable Dot Com Domain Names Available For Sale

Steve Gerritsen · I have over 100 dot com domain names for sale. · These domain names are listed below, along with the asking price and domain name register that the domain is currently registered at. · The domains are available for purchase individually, or in bulk. If you are interested in any o ...

4 years ago

Humanizing Your Brand & Be Successful: Modern Business Growth Playbook

DAVID VEGA · My New Book On Sale now: https://amzn.to/2EBBMql · EXPERIENCE THE FREEDOM AND PROFITS IN BUSINESS. In today's world where automation and technology run our lives and businesses, many Entrepreneurs, Companies, and Brands are failing because they forget one fundamental piece of any ...

4 years ago

New Year’s Resolutions: A New Take on an Old Tradition

Dave Worthen · When you make a resolution it’s a noun. · It’s a thing. · A resolution is simply a decision. · It is a static thing. · Your New Year’s Resolution could be “To lose 10 lbs.” · That resolution is static, meaning it’s like saying you are “going to the movies this weekend.” · No ...

5 years ago

How Your Business Growth Is Created At Will

Edwin Dearborn · Inherent in your last sale is the ability to get your next sale. · Like any fruit, your last sale contains the very seeds which will produce many more of its kind. By investing at least 10% of your revenue into marketing, your previous sale can now spawn additional sales at some ...

6 years ago

You're In Sales Too (Whether You Like It or Not)

John White, MBA · I bravely walked in through the front door right past their "No Soliciting" sign and up to the front desk. It was a cold call. I felt so cool standing there with my BlackBerry 8700 in hand (later versions even had a color screen!). · It was early in my previous career in the wire ...

7 years ago

Don't Mistake Elaborate Stage Shows for Sales

Randy Keho · In today's world of ever-advancing technologies, there are more and more channels becoming available to reach, communicate, and interact with current and potential customers. · We can communicate from virtually anywhere we can establish and maintain a cellphone or internet connec ...

7 years ago

5 Reasons Why You Haven't Closed The Sale

Julio Rodriguez · Closing the sale. The final step in the sales process to creating a new client or keeping an existing one. Many sales professionals struggle at this last step and often fumble their way through one of the most critical steps in the sales cycle. · Here are 5 of the most common rea ...

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