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2 months ago

How to Create a High-Performance Culture In a New World of Work

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · FREE WEBINAR - WATCH ON DEMAND · When: Anytime · Where: Online · Cost: FREE · Fill the form to watch the webinar · As organizational priorities continue to shift, it’s important that you effectively listen, support, and engage your employees on every step of your journey. Putting ...

5 years ago


Michael D. Davis · Reflect · While moving through your daily routine don't forget to take a rest now and then. The old saying of 'slow down and smell the roses', applies just as much to business as to our personal endeavors. · If you don't take a moment to contemplate where you've been and how ...

5 years ago

Finding Your Way Past Self-Reflection to Action

Phil Friedman · THERE COMES A POINT WHERE YOU NEED TO STOP THINKING ABOUT DOING SOMETHING, AND SIMPLY DO IT... · Preface:  This series of somewhat self-indulgent philosophical reflections began with "Social Media Is a Highway, Not a Destination", and I am moved in this piece to question when one ...

5 years ago

Chronic Pain Linked to Emotions

Cyndi wilkins · "Pain and illness that is chronic in nature has a direct link to the emotional centers in our brains."In recent studies, scientists are finally connecting the dots between chronic pain and the emotional circuitry in our brains. These studies suggest that pain and/or illness that ...

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