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3 weeks ago

Which Tips Can Software Testers To Make Ready for the Next Recession?

Ethan Millar · An economic cycle contains many ups and downs, which are constantly in effect. Though navigating during the good times is rather simple, how do you navigate the boat when you're headed towards a period of difficulty? Should we wait until we are struck, or should we start preparin ...

2 years ago

A Morning Routine for Successful Entrepreneurs

Michael E Parker · Entrepreneurs tend to have busy schedules. For many, their work starts as soon as they wake up and lasts until they go to sleep. However, having an established morning routine that incorporates both work and non-work elements can help entrepreneurs stay at the top of their game. ...

2 years ago

Are You Market Ready?

Jerry Fletcher · I have a standard answer to the question, “How are you?’ · “Sweet, lovable kind, thrifty, brave, clean and all that other boy scout stuff… would you like to buy a bridge?” · Jerry Fletcher · It is a bit silly but I’ve been doing it so long that friends get concerned when I don’ ...

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