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5 months ago

How Fathers Can Chip In More at Home

Ember Conley · As a married father, keeping your house clean should be as much your job as your wife's. Sadly, this is lost on a lot of men. Too many men still see most "domestic" chores as a woman's work, a notion that is not only horribly sexist but bad for any relationship. If you want to ke ...

2 years ago

LIVE Instagram Workshop to help YOU extract real leads from Instagram

DAVID VEGA · Register for free · If you are using #Instagram as a platform to grow your #business (or you would like to be in the very near future), Join me tonight for a very cool #LIVE Instagram #Workshop to help YOU extract real #leads from Instagram. #instadaily · See ya tonight with a gr ...

5 years ago

A Quick and Easy Tip to Grow Relevant Followers on beBee

John White, MBA · I get asked all the time about growing followers on social networks. People want to know, do I need quantity or quality followers? It's almost like they think they have to choose one over the other. · My answer is simple: if you are using social media for business or as a medium ...

5 years ago

Do You Think Women Should Have To Wear High Heels To Work?

Candice 🐝 Galek · I have long believed that women should not have to suffer for fashion, but especially not in the workplace. While it is acceptable for men to wear looser fitting pants, shirts, and shoes that accommodate their feet, women have long been pressured into wearing form-fitting clothin ...

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