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3 weeks ago

How to Balance Profit and Purpose at your Business

John F. Davenport · Any business today has a major role to play in solving problems in society. The average person today trusts business more than governments to contribute to making the world a better place. So, if you are running a business, it's time for you to think about a new aspect of operati ...

1 month ago

Choose Custom Wholesale Cigarette Boxes and Increase your Profit

Steven Thomas · The cigarette manufacturers have to give us exact measurements only and we will modify the Custom Wholesale Cigarette Boxes. Our exceptional Customization do not only turn your product into brand but also leaves an everlasting impression on the mind of the customers. · For More: ...

11 months ago

“What a Crock of Sh**” Updated

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee · There are platforms on which I neglected to post this article. I am correcting that deficit now. I had everything planned as to what I would say before I became distracted by Randall Burns remarkable article here: · “The Burden of Proof” · My mind went blank after reading this. ...

1 year ago

6 Tips to Know Before Investing in Stocks

Wesley Oler IV · Sports are won by those who focus on the playing field, not by players who are hypnotized by the scoreboard. Stocks and real estate have proven to be the real deal in the investment arena. Stocks generate quite a handsome profit margin. Here are six things to know before investin ...

1 year ago

How Philanthropy Drives Economic Development

Peter Palivos Attorney · Philanthropy is all about generosity and making a difference in communities that lack the means to do it themselves. Some individuals look at philanthropy in a bad light, seeing it only as a way for the rich to show off their wealth and show the world that they’re helping rather ...

1 year ago

How Your Small Business Can Profit From Facebook Ads in 2020

Edwin Dearborn · Do you feel that the number of responses you're generating from your Facebook ads is decreasing each and every single day?  · Are you finding it more challenging to convert people from your Facebook ads into paying customers than you did two years ago?  · If you think it's hard n ...

4 years ago

Small Solutions... Big Results (No. 1)

Phil Friedman · THE FIRST IN A SERIES OF RETROSPECTIVES THAT LOOK BACK AT THREE DECADES OF FINDING VALUE-ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS... · Preface:  This article begins a series that looks back at various value-engineered solutions to problems encountered by the author in the course of several decades ...

4 years ago

A Competitive Edge Is Never Forever

Phil Friedman · CALL IT RESTING ON YOUR LAURELS OR SITTING ON YOUR BUTT, FAILURE TO KEEP ADAPTING EVENTUALLY ENDS IN BEING LEFT BEHIND ... · Competitive edge: the fact that a company has an advantage over its competitors ... · Cambridge English Dictionary · Having a "competitive edge" ― also ...

4 years ago

Net Profit vs Cash Flow

Phil Friedman · UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PROFIT AND CASH-FLOW IS ESSENTIAL TO THE SUCCESSFUL OPERATION OF A SMALL BUSINESS... · Preface: This post is not intended as an instructional manual for accountants or bookkeepers, but rather as a conceptual guide for small-business operators ...

4 years ago

What do you stand for?

Alan Culler · I spend my work life talking to groups of business leaders. Sometimes I facilitate leadership workshops, Sometimes I help leadership teams come to public agreement on strategy. Sometimes I am a sounding board for an individual leader. Wherever I am, I hear the stories that leader ...

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