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2 months ago

Uplift Your Brand Name With Professional Web Design Services

Arev Smith · Have you just stepped your business into the hi-tech fantasy world? Or, are you planning to revamp your business outlook? Well, entering the world of web designing can pave a road to your business revolution. Having a perfectly designed website is much needed to gain business cre ...

6 months ago

The most valued professional skills

Anne Strong · WHAT ARE PROFESSIONAL SKILLS? · It is possible that in a recruitment process, several people applying for the same job may have the same knowledge, similar training and even similar professional experience. In this case, what will be decisive will be your soft skills, that is to ...

1 year ago

Consultant Marketing Virtual Virtuoso

Jerry Fletcher · Professional Speakers are out in front. · I don’t mean on stage but rather in figuring out how to make the most of presenting virtually. · I asked in a “mastermind” group, “Anyone else finding that you know more about how to make virtual meetings work both in terms of technical ...

2 years ago

Building Brand On Your Professional Website

Jerry Fletcher · There is a difference. · A web site built for an independent professional, the folks we call advisors, consultants, coaches, counselors, trainers, designers, artists, and freelancers of all types, is not like a product site. Professionals may have an “alphabet stew” of credentia ...

4 years ago

Hiring Others: Lessons Learned

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · A while ago, I had a project I could not complete on my own. I knew my own limitations – I can do a lot of stuff, but sometimes we all need help – so I went looking for recommendations from friends and colleagues. · While there is no shortage of eager professionals ready to help ...

4 years ago

Steady as she goes

Greg Rolfe · According to the Nautical Dictionary “steady as she goes” means to stay on the same heading. So to not change direction would be a decent understanding of that term. In our own lives we often would like to cry out “steady as she goes”, do not change course. But as time goes by t ...

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