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4 months ago

Post from Tracy Turner

Tracy Turner · Explore a luxurious range of Gold Necklace Set with Price only at Manubhai. Buy Gold Necklace Set Online from Manubhai online store. Manubhai Jewellers is among the oldest brands in Jewellery Industry. · Check out to buy gold necklace online · https://manubhai.in/jewellery.php?ca ...

6 months ago

Post from Cannabis Pensary

Cannabis Pensary · Cannabis Pensary is widely recognized as one of the finest weed online shops. Contact us now to order at an affordable price! Fast delivery worldwide!  For more information to visit our official website https://cannabispensary.com/ or feel free to contact us.

6 months ago

Post from AJ Lau

AJ Lau · How Much Does a Medical Billing Service Cost? · How Much Does a Medical Billing Service Cost?The most familiar question medical billing companies hear, What are your prices? Its an entirely reasonable question. After all, price is a sizable component in any business decision.In t ...

2 years ago

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva Asks: Why Invest in Commodities?

Manuel Chinchilla da Silva · Many experienced investors use commodities as collateral when inventories are low. Although commodities involve risks, by investing in commodities you actually get a tangible asset. When talking about commodities, they include precious metals, currencies, crops, oil, gold and gas ...

4 years ago

Price Demanded “Special Treatment” At Taxpayer Expense

PD Scullin · United States Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price recently came under attack for taking 26 private jet trips costing over $300,000 at the expense of U.S. taxpayers, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. · On these same flights, Price demanded Dom Perignon Champagne ...

4 years ago

The Price of Compassion

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee ·                                           Compassion. What’s it worth? How much do we charge for it? · Foreign concepts? Not so. The monetizing of compassion is well under way. When did it start? Was it always so? Whooaaaa—so many questions. Time to slow down and try to answer th ...

4 years ago

The Price of Beans

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee · I wrote this during difficult times. My point, however subtle, was that bullying has a distinct cost to society. I experienced bullying in school, and it was terribly disruptive to my education. I implored school officials to intervene to no avail. They finally got involved after ...

5 years ago

The Price Of An Education

Michael D. Davis · Let me state for the record that I am a firm believer in a system of free higher education that is sanctioned and subsidized by a network of passionate independent and corporate benefactors. There's just something that seems wrong with a system of education that requires the lear ...

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