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2 years ago

Are You Using These Magic Marketing Words?

Judy Olbrych · What are the magic words of copywriting? What do they do for you? And what precautions should you take when using them? · The family was watching a movie about this word over the recent holiday weekend: · “Shazam!” · (Darn - nothing happened ...) · In the movie, the 14-year-old c ...

2 years ago

Responsibility & The Burning Match: Whose Matchstick is it Anyway?

Dave Worthen · Responsibility is one of those words that when you read it, it carries with it this unspoken thread of DNA that makes you sit up a bit straighter, you know? · “It’s your responsibility…” · “You’re responsible for the companies market growth.” · See? · I mean when you hear “It’s y ...

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