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2 months ago

Post from Don Hornsby

Don Hornsby · You can't #change what's going on around you until you start changing what's going on within you. - (Zig Ziglar) · What would happen if you change what is going on inside you today - and look at things from a different point of view? · #success #leadership #TodayMatters #Personal ...

2 months ago

Beneath the swirling

Greg Rolfe · Today as I sit pondering what to say, nothing comes to mind. No story or point rises to the top of my swirling thoughts. The jumble of ideas fail to coalesce so I simply type words, not ideas. My internal hopes and frustrations compete against one another yet none gain support to ...

1 year ago

What is the point?

Greg Rolfe · I have listened to a lot of people discuss their concerns about life. I have heard a lot of people complain about life but to be honest, if all we have in life is less than 120 trips around the sun what is the point? Why complain? And to look at this even more accurately if all t ...

1 year ago

Arguing simply to ague?

Greg Rolfe · We have all been there listening and even upon occasion getting involved with a discussion or even an argument that truly had no point or reason yet the argument went on. Why? It is that important to express our opinion or to win? Why would we be a part of a pointless debate? · ...

2 years ago

How to avoid personal pitfalls

Greg Rolfe · Now it is very common at this point to start laying out a five to seven point plan on just how to avoid personal problems that lead to costly and potential relationship ending realities. But the fact is there are no foolproof plans. The reality is we each have to make our own dec ...

2 years ago

The art of listening - I think I killed it

Greg Rolfe · Have you ever been guilty of listening to only half of a conversation before judging the entire statement? I have. I have come to my conclusion before they had finished their story or joke or even the point they were trying to make. Why would I do that? Am I so brilliant that I k ...

4 years ago

Never Change Your Objective, Just Your Approach

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · How many us when we were young wanted to go to Six Flags or Disneyland. Now, imagine that a group asked for a large volunteer of people to visit one of the parks. This trip would be totally paid for because they need to survey the park.  The entire two week vacation including foo ...

5 years ago

Putting It Bluntly

Michael D. Davis · Putting It Bluntly · At times being blunt is the only way to get our point across, whether directed at someone else or while staring into a mirror. · Let's be totally honest here. We all could be doing more to further greatness in this world. It's high time we get off the cou ...

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