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4 months ago

Engineer vs. scientist: what is the difference?

Javier 🐝 CR · Further to @Ken Boddie 's article on engineers : · Some people say there is no difference between a scientist and an engineer, while other people think the two careers are totally separate from each other. Scientists and engineers often have strong opinions about what they do, wh ...

1 year ago

Sacred Geometry

Cyndi wilkins · " Mathematical rhythm applies to everything. The frequency at which we vibrate equates to what manifests in our lives." · The Physics of Vibration- · What exactly is 'vibration' and how does it effect our every day lives? The signals we emit via our thought waves are the vibrati ...

5 years ago

A Pushin' and A Shuvin'

Michael D. Davis · The physics of human interaction is the subject of #thedailychalkboard today. How much pull do you have with the people around you? You can always find text versions of this and other archived posts of The Chalkboard at http://thedailychalkboard.tumblr.com/

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