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3 years ago

Golden Advice for Successful Yacht Refits

Phil Friedman · HEADED TO THE YARD FOR A REFIT? AVOID THE SHOALS OF UNANTICIPATED COSTS ... · Avert grounding on the reef of emergent work ... · Okay, so you’ve had a pre-job inspection completed and all items covered under a firm-fixed-price work order. Which means you're all planned, budgeted, ...

3 years ago

Looking Back: Disaster in Anacortes

Phil Friedman · LOOKING BACK AT THIS PIECE I WROTE FOR PASSAGEMAKER MAGAZINE IN 2014, IT SEEMS THAT THE DARK CLOUD SEEN IN THIS PHOTO PRESAGED THE LAUNCH TO FOLLOW... · An in-depth look at the capsizing of the $10-million expedition yacht, Baden, in Anacortes, Washington, USA. · In this web ext ...

4 years ago

Looking Back at Previous Work - I

Phil Friedman · DESIGNED AND BUILT BACK IN THE 1980s, THIS STOUT 41-FOOT ALL WELDED ALUMINUM SAILING YACHT WAS PART OF MY KODIAK CRUISER SERIES... · Each year, as the opening of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) approaches, I find myself scanning back through my files for sampl ...

4 years ago

Respect, Simplicity and Humility

Cyndi wilkins · I read a fabulous buzz this afternoon · by our very own Phil Johnson. I have to admit to you Phil, what drew me in to your buzz was the wonderful title..."Energy Vampire University"...I am a long time believer in the energy vampire and have gone to great lengths to protect mysel ...

4 years ago

Censorship: To Cut Or Not to Cut, That Is the Question

Phil Friedman · WHEN THE LANGUAGE OR THE DISCUSSION GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH KEEP GOING ... OR DO THEY? · Preface:  This marks the 24th installment of the ongoing verbal contretemps between Jim Murray and me. Here we've tackled a serious and complicated topic that should be of concern to every user ...

5 years ago

Phil and Randy Launch the All Business Hive. Jim Thinks It’s Just What the Doctor Ordered.

Phil Friedman · Preface: This time, He Said He Said is really a three way conversation, between Jim Murray, Randy Keho and me. Randy and I recently founded a new hive on beBee that we call All Business. It very different from most of the other hives on the platform at this time. In what follows, ...

5 years ago

Millennials Versus Boomers: Can We Ever Bridge the Understanding Gap?

Phil Friedman · WHEREIN TWO BOOMERS CHALLENGE MILLENNIALS AND OTHER BOOMERS TO PUSH THE RESET BUTTON... · Preface:  Wow! This installment approaches the end of the second deka-segment of this series by Jim Murray and me. When we first started the series on LinkedIn, we intended among other th ...

5 years ago

Insipidipity Is Lurking... Or Is It? That Is the Question

Phil Friedman · CAN THE WORDS OF A SPIRITUAL TEACHER PROVIDE GUIDANCE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT? ... · Preface:  This is the 17th installment of this series by Jim Murray and me. When we first started the series on LinkedIn, we intended among other things to show that it was possible to have ...

5 years ago

What I Learned About Entrepreneurs from the Founder of Monster.com

Phil Friedman · LESSONS FROM A DECADE OF ONE-ON-ONE WITH · AN ENTREPRENEURIAL PARADIGM... · My work in the large-yacht construction sector has, over the years, brought me into contact with numerous very successful entrepreneurs, who have been my clients, customers, and prospects. · For the most ...

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