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3 months ago

Lessons to Learn from Working with Veterans | Peter Palivos

Peter Palivos Attorney · For the past couple of years, businesses have been hiring veterans due to the various skills they have. These skills have been learned through years of military training and work. What are these skills, though? · Fortunately, they aren’t too hard to learn if you listen to enough ...

3 months ago

How to Make Room in Your Budget for Charitable Donations | Peter Palivos

Peter Palivos Attorney · Making room for charity donations in your budget can feel almost impossible. Even before COVID, it was hard for people with tight budgets to do so. · However, there’s no need to panic. You don’t have to take a big chunk out of your budget to make a difference. · One thing to be a ...

3 months ago

How a Mortgage Can Affect Your Credit Score | Peter Palivos

Peter Palivos Attorney · When it comes to buying a house, the average person cannot afford to pay entirely in cash, so, instead, they opt for a home loan or a mortgage. And like every other primary line of credit, a mortgage will appear on an individual’s credit report, which measures a person’s ability ...

5 months ago

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities in 2021 | Peter Palivos

Peter Palivos Attorney · There are many ways one can volunteer online in 2021 from the comfort of home. Virtual volunteering means it is no longer necessary to volunteer for organizations in person. Plenty of opportunities to share your time and skills from a computer or cell phone are available. Regardl ...

5 months ago

Tips For Making Your Home More Energy Efficient | Peter Palivos

Peter Palivos Attorney · Are you interested in making some big changes to your home? One of the best do-it-yourself projects you can take on is making your home more energy-efficient. It will reduce your monthly electric bills significantly, and you’ll be helping the environment. · If you don’t know wher ...

5 months ago

Reasons and Tips for Hiring Veterans | Peter Palivos

Peter Palivos Attorney · US military veterans have had a better time now than in the past, with their unemployment rate lower than it’s ever been before. This might lead you to believe that you should be seeking out your own set of veterans to hire for your business. But why and how? · These are good que ...

10 months ago

How to Buy a Home With a Low Credit Score | Peter Palivos, Attorney

Peter Palivos Attorney · The entire home buying process is confusing and overwhelming, but it is possible to secure a home loan with low credit. Bad credit is like a dark raincloud over any significant purchases that go beyond paying cash, so it’s essential to understand how to read a credit report, find ...

10 months ago

What Does Escrow Mean? | Peter Palivos, Attorney

Peter Palivos Attorney · The term escrow is defined as a legal arrangement in which one party temporarily takes custody of a sum of money or a piece of property until certain financial obligations are met. In real estate, this typically comes in the form of cash for one of two reasons. The first of these ...

10 months ago

Must-See Veteran Documentaries | Peter Palivos, Attorney

Peter Palivos Attorney · Veterans that have served in any branch of the military deserve their country’s highest regard and appreciation. They give up their lives and loved ones to fight for strangers’ freedom and the protection of whichever nation they serve. One of the best ways to honor the sacrifices ...

10 months ago

What Gun Control Looks Like in Other Countries | Peter Palivos, Attorney

Peter Palivos Attorney · Other developed nations have laws controlling gun ownership that are very different from regulations in the United States. Unlike Americans, the residents of most other countries are not assumed by law to have the right to own a gun. · United Kingdom · In the United Kingdom, most ...

10 months ago

How to Volunteer While Social Distancing | Peter Palivos, Attorney

Peter Palivos Attorney · Maintaining social distance doesn’t have to mean an end to community involvement. While in-person gatherings do pose a threat, it’s still possible to continue volunteering without risking COVID-19 transmission. · Crisis Lines · Crisis lines are an online mental health service for ...

10 months ago

Best Volunteer Opportunities in Las Vegas | Peter Palivos, Attorney

Peter Palivos Attorney · With the global pandemic and subsequent isolation, many people in Las Vegas want a sense of normality to return. They have a desire to form more profound and meaningful connections with their communities. Volunteering offers people a chance to meet these needs, with the bonus of ...

2 years ago

Attorney Peter Palivos Donates Christmas Toys To C3 Church

Peter Palivos Attorney · This past Christmas, a local church in Las Vegas was able to bring joy to hundreds of children. On December 23rd, 2019, The C3 Church in Las Vegas was able to allow over 1,000 children to handpick a Christmas gift, and it’s all thanks to local business leader and attorney Peter P ...

2 years ago

Peter Palivos on Nevada’s Big Give 2019

Peter Palivos Attorney · This blog was originally posted on PeterPalivos.net · The Silver State is reaping 24kt gold when it comes to philanthropy and big hearts. Residents, businesses and city officials there are gearing up once again for the annual “Nevada’s Big Give” on Thursday, March 21, 2019. The o ...

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