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4 months ago

Post from Jesse McDaniel

Jesse McDaniel · Tips to Capture Your Pet’s Insta Worthy Photos · Here’s how you can click pawsome photographs of your pet either dog or cat. · - Theme Looks Cool · - Break The Pattern · - Let Background Play The Role · - Creative Is Never Cliché · - Candid Always Clicks · Learn more in Details H ...

3 years ago

Our Culture’s Pattern is Destructive to any Dream

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · Today, Society has an idea that when people do anything together, it has a 50/50 Performance relationship. Therefore, “You do your part, and I’ll do mine.” · The problem here is that giving is not based upon merit, and affection is given when one feels it is deserved. So the whol ...

5 years ago

Greatness and the status quo

Greg Rolfe · It’s been said that the thing that keeps us from greatness is the status quo. Be that our daily routine or simply the way we are content to say in our comfort zone. Our daily routine is usually a set series of tasks that keep us on track and is usually efficient in obtaining our ...

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