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5 months ago

5 Small Parenting Mistakes

Ember Conley · When starting a family and welcoming a new family member into the world, parenting is one skill you cannot afford to not have or ignore, and for a good reason. The ability to tend and care for a newborn and watch them grow into self-dependent people is phenomenal as it is difficu ...

6 months ago

Post from paul wegman

paul wegman · For a pet parent, summers can be the most difficult time with the parasitic infestation in dogs. How to deal with Heartworms this summer. · https://www.bestvetcare.com/blog/how-to-deal-with-heartworms-this-summer/

6 months ago

Is Sheltering Children Harmful?

Ember Conley · So, what exactly is the difference between sheltering and protecting your children? Sheltering is the point at which protection becomes out of control. This can mean not allowing your child to play outside because you fear that he or she may get hurt, or not allowing him or her t ...

8 months ago

How to Inspire Your Children to Invest

Bryan Ziegenfuse · Individuals need to teach their children about investing when they are still young. They need to learn about money and finance as they grow. Equipping them with the appropriate tools to familiarize themselves with investment is the best gift to give them. Since children mature di ...

1 year ago

COVID’s Impact on the Sandwich Generation

Ember Conley · The pandemic has affected everyone in some way, but the so-called “sandwich generation”- those between the ages of 30-60, seem to be feeling the effects even more. This generation is tasked with the difficult burden of supporting both the younger generations (their children) and ...

1 year ago

Keeping an Eye on Aging Parents

Matt Dapore · As your parents get older and experience a decline in health, you'll have to think about their care needs. One way in which they will exhibit the signs that they can no longer care for themselves is by failing to meet their financial obligations. They will also make easier target ...

1 year ago

What You Should Know Before Becoming a Foster Parent

David Grislis · The decision to become a foster parent isn’t an easy one to make, nor should it be made on a whim. You’re welcoming a child into your home with the promise to love and care for them, no matter what your reasons for doing so may be. No matter the reason behind your decision, you n ...

3 years ago

Stories as Subliminal Education

Michael Benzehabe · https://www.amazon.com/Semitic-Tales-Accidental-Hebrew-Christians/dp/B01KIR0UKE · Teachers can lecture, yell, threaten, and swat, but curiosity remains the best teacher. Bedtime stories rank highest among children. When the stars come out and children let their learning defenses ...

4 years ago

Asking the wrong questions

Greg Rolfe · I am sure many of you are aware of the issues we have in our education system. “The most recent PISA results, from 2015, placed the U.S. an unimpressive 38th out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science.” (http://www.pewresearch.org). These numbers fail to encourage the averag ...

4 years ago

Reflections on an Unintended Life

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · As we say goodbye to 2016, some thoughts . . . · A long time ago, in a world torn by war — two people got together and created a life. The woman’s husband was out at sea. She was here, probably lonely. However it happened, she and a man who was not her husband met and had som ...

5 years ago

The 4 Qualities Required to be a Great Leader and a Great Parent

Matt Sweetwood · There’s no shortage of articles out there about what it takes to make a great leader and plenty of articles on what it takes to be a great parent. And maybe there are not that many folks who have figured out how to be great at either. I have aspired to both myself, as the single ...

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