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3 days ago

People Are The Pulse of Your Organization

Mohammed Abdul Jawad · Free On-Demand Webinar · When: Anytime · Where: Online · Cost: FREE · COMPLETE THE FORM TO WATCH NOW · Webinar Description: Your people are the heartbeat of your organization. Their efforts and collaboration sustain your organization as you work toward your mission and goals. Set ...

1 month ago

I am in favor of the elimination of cash, and you ? what is your opinion ?

Javier 🐝 CR · As I have to pay taxes religiously to the last euro and many other professionals are free of it because their way of working and income allows them to evade taxes, I am in favor of the elimination of cash. · The elimination of cash has been on everyone's lips for a long time, but ...

3 months ago

Post from Anna Solano

Anna Solano · Cost Containment Health care ·   · Cost containment is one of the ways in which healthcare organizations will attempt to control costs within their organizations. Although cost containment can be applied across an organization as a whole, it is most often applied to individual pr ...

3 months ago

Post from GCG Asia Malasiya Scam

GCG Asia Malasiya Scam · Welcome to GCG Asia Malaysia SCAM. We are currently based in Malaysia where we find and discover organizations related to scam.

4 months ago

Post from Cathrine Troyer

Cathrine Troyer · The present entrepreneurs are experiencing more noteworthy expectations about monetary transparency and consistency regarding changing government policies. In addition, organizations need to deal with their everyday obligations and shuffle complex non-center errands like bookkeep ...

7 months ago

Mentorship Opportunities

Ember Conley · Mentoring programs are becoming more popular in virtually every industry and for good reasons. First, mentees are 68% more likely to stay with an employer for five years or more. Secondly, mentees are also more involved in the operations of the workplace than other employees. Thi ...

1 year ago

How Charities Can Turn Volunteers Into Donors

Steve Maleh · Volunteers are the lifeblood of many nonprofits. Not only do they contribute time, but many volunteers contribute monetarily to the organizations they support. According to the International AFP conference, the average volunteer is four times as likely to donate. And they typical ...

1 year ago

Virtual Volunteering

Richard Abbe · When asked what volunteering is, one may describe it as going out to your local food drive to hand out goods or a school to help out with painting and building. It has usually been something that you go out and do, but more recently that has changed. These days, many organization ...

2 years ago

How To Make Your Nonprofit Financially Sustainable

Peter Palivos Attorney · One of the major components of nonprofit organizations is that they exist to help a group of people who are struggling with hardship. That hardship differs depending on the group – it could be a medical issue, or perhaps a natural disaster hit somewhere. Other times, they set out ...

4 years ago

Standing on the street corner

Greg Rolfe · There are very few organizations that are not improved by standing on the street corner. But Please let me explain. When you stand on the street corner and observe those who walk by watching to see what they do, who they are and how they act you can learn much about the people in ...

5 years ago

Thursday's Thought: How Welcoming is YOUR Organization?

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · Have you ever attended a business meeting or networking event where you knew very few people . . . maybe no one? · How did you feel when you were walking in? Confident? Curious? Cautious? Comfortable? Uncomfortable? · All those are possible, of course, but I think most of us woul ...

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