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1 month ago

Here's the cynical reason Ohio Republicans punted on drawing a new congressional map

Francisco Lopez · Here's the cynical reason Ohio Republicans punted on drawing a new congressional map · In a very strange development, Ohio's Republican-run legislature has ceded control of congressional redistricting to a so-called "backup" commission by missing a Sept. 30 deadline to pass new m ...

2 years ago

Flat Sasquatch sighting report:

Joel Anderson · Name: Joel Anderson · Sighting location: Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. Aka “The Little Apple.” · Aka “Manhappiness.” · Date: November 14, 2019 · Experience: Willie the Wildcat was seen navigating campus today and happened across Flat Sasquatch while both were mak ...

3 years ago

The View From 30,000 Feet

Jerry Fletcher · We lifted off at early dark thirty. Once again I’m headed for the family homestead in Ohio from where I live now which is where the sidewalk ends south of Portland Oregon. · The trip has become familiar. I’ve done it monthly for what now seems like an eternity. With luck this wi ...

3 years ago

They don’t tell you about this part when you’re growing up.

Jerry Fletcher · I’ve now lost both my parents. · I’m coping with the loss. · But I’m ready to scream about the unbelievable paper chase requirements of the bureaucracy that surrounds dealing with probate, trusts and beneficiary claims. · Since they lived in Ohio in the same house for over 60 ...

5 years ago

A Very Mini Get Away, I Leave You With Photos

Lisa Gallagher · I will be offline for a few days. I may check in but won't have a lot of time to do so. I decided before I leave for Ohio today, I wanted to post a few photo's I took over the past year or so. I thought it would be easier to just post them on publisher vs. uploading too many at o ...

5 years ago

Facebook Memories Can Stir Up A lot Of Emotion

Lisa Gallagher · Many times I love Facebook's memories and there are times they hurt. A few day's ago a memory came up and it was a photo of my mom. I took the photo of her. She decided on August 10, 2013 she wanted to change her profile picture on Facebook. Mom was diagnosed with Late Stage Lung ...

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