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2 months ago

The Morally Corrupt

Francisco Lopez · Internal Trump campaign memo shows Giuliani and Powell knew everything they spewed was a lie · A memo obtained by The New York Times makes clear that the Trump campaign not only spread propaganda and misinformation about the results of the 2020 election, they did so with full kno ...

5 months ago

The Personal Crisis of Moms During the Pandemic

Ember Conley · The memes posted on social media, the staggering number of women who left the workforce and a venting-hotline set up for moms by The New York Times showed just some of the that moms faced during the pandemic. As schools and businesses shut down, working moms were pushed to add an ...

7 months ago

4 Key Ways to Stay Mentally Sharp Throughout the Aging Process

Matt Dapore · To say the least, aging is no fun. For most people, aging involves some level of cognitive decline. But staying sharp during the aging process is definitely possible; in fact, keeping the mind honed can even be fun. Here are a few great ways to keep your mind focused and strong n ...

1 year ago

“Reinvent, Become Stronger” Must Be Your New Strategy

Edwin Dearborn · I listened to an amazing podcast last night with The New York Times bestselling author, Simon Sinek. It was without a doubt, the most powerful piece of business-strategy advice that I’ve heard since this pandemic hit. Here’s a link to that podcast.  · My Perspective on Simon’s Ad ...

3 years ago


PD Scullin · When a leader is a stable genius with a very good big brain, he naturally figures out ways to innovate and solve problems. President Donald J.Trump, the man who had the brainstorm for Space Force, has done it again with the brilliant stroke of forming Leak Force. · “Our country i ...

4 years ago

Is Technology Out To Get Us?

PD Scullin · The short answer is, "Yes." · If your job can be automated, it probably will be. · If it can be performed more precisely and cheaply by a techno-gizmo, it's just a matter of time until it will be. · If what you produce as a human can be done by a machine, technology has a target ...

5 years ago

Why Old Media Still Matters in Digital Age

David B. Grinberg · How do YOU consume news today? · Do you prefer traditional media (newspapers, TV and radio) to new media (digital and social), or perhaps a mix of both? · With perpetual hype surrounding the proliferation of social media, traditional media appears cast aside as the shunned step ...

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