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2 years ago

6 Restaurants You Must Visit in New Jersey

Bryan Dunst · Are you looking for a great restaurant to visit in the New Jersey area? Whether you’re a local or planning a trip to New Jersey soon, there are plenty of restaurants here that are worth your time. Here are my top six choices for places to eat in New Jersey. · El Cid in Paramus, N ...

4 years ago

10 Social Media Tips for Students to Improve Their College Admission Chances

Matt Sweetwood · Originally published on the Entrepreneur 5/16/17 · I applied to college by filling out an application with a pen and typing my essays on a typewriter. When I wanted to fill out another application, I repeated the entire process over again. · Only a few people applied to many coll ...

5 years ago

Retail Intelligence: Profit from Education

Matt Sweetwood · Published on Digital Imaging Reporter 7/29/16 · In 2006 I realized our photo distribution business at Unique Photo was in serious jeopardy. The conventional model of selling film, paper, chemistry and photographic accessories to photo retailers was no longer working. The number o ...

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