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1 week ago


Paris Hicks · Hi, i'm new to this so it would be nice for some help :) · thanks. · and my name is paris, i'm 16 , a junior in high school :)

3 months ago

Cyber Security Lead Generation: Where and How To Look for New Leads in 2021

Judy Caroll ·    Cyber security lead generation is a niche B2B market with its own rules meaning not every single marketing tactic in the hat is going to work for the market. · However, by understanding the target customers, there are plenty of opportunities for marketers to leverage the uniqu ...

3 months ago
Reneesh C R

Post from Reneesh C

Reneesh C · HOSTGATOR DEALS ·   · HostGator makes unlimited web hosting easy and affordable with unlimited disk space and bandwidth and an easy control panel. Low prices and easy setup makes HostGator one of the leading web hosting firms in the industry! · TO check the best offers click here ...

5 months ago

Strategic Priorities Take New Meaning in Post-Pandemic Business Environment

Desiree Peterkin Bell · They’re called strategic priorities. · It’s the objectives a company sets out to achieve over a defined time period that is predicated on measurable results. Every company has a long list of specific tasks that are important. or values that are at the top of the list to get done ...

10 months ago

Out With The Old, In With The New

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador · As we bid adieu and welcome in the New Year, let’s raise our glasses to new beginnings and a time of reflection. New Years resolutions aside for those of you that make them, it’s important we share joy and do unto others not only during the holiday season but all year. Then, for ...

1 year ago

Learning A New Musical Instrument As An Adult

Jo Michael Scheibe · There’s a common misconception that once you’re an adult with adult responsibilities it’ll be impossible for you to ever learn how to plan an instrument.  This is, in fact, far from the truth. Anyone can learn to play an instrument regardless of their age, all it takes is patienc ...

2 years ago

Buying the Right Yacht: Used vs. New

Robbie Newport ·                                                                                         cc from flickr.com · The idea of owning a yacht may be a dream for most, yet this dream comes true for many every day. Owning a luxury inland waterways or seagoing vessel is a great way to e ...

3 years ago

Golden Advice for Developing and Managing New-Build Yacht Projects

Phil Friedman · THE UPDATED AND EXPANDED SECOND EDITION OF THIS WELL-RECEIVED E-BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE... · More than 6,000 copies of my eBook on yacht building have been distributed to date. And the strong response from readers, including noted industry professionals, motivated me to update and ...

4 years ago

Tuesday Tricksters: Naval -- New

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · With all the possibile things to write about, sometimes I forget to put out a regular Tuesday Tricksters or Wednesday Words post! · So, here are a few more difficult-to-remember words, because they sound alike (or nearly so, anway), but don’t mean the same thing and are spelled d ...

5 years ago

A New Beginning

Michael D. Davis · A New Beginning · It's a new day. It's time to kick your passion into gear and make things happen. · You've tried and failed? So what? It's time you left your pity party, stood up on your own two feet and congratulated yourself for discovering what doesn't work! If you've fail ...

5 years ago

Financial Protections for New-Build Yacht Buyers

Phil Friedman · BRINGING BUSINESS SENSE TO EMOTIONALLY-DRIVEN PURCHASES... · Almost all contracts for the construction of a new yacht provide for an initial payment, plus several more “progress” or “milestone” payments during the course of the project. · Indeed, most contracts for the constru ...

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