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5 months ago

Portrait of a Pathologically Closed-minded Person

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris · This is the best image I could find, on Pixabay.com. The article has nothing to do with A.I. though.Although I have specific individuals in mind as I write this, I’d rather keep this impersonal, since it’s not for these people, but the general pattern. The latter is far worse tha ...

6 months ago

COVID-19's Impact on College Football

Richard Foster · It is no secret that COVID-19 has had an impact on various aspects of professional and college sports. COVID-19 has forced many sports leagues to create new safety protocols in order to limit or eliminate the spread of COVID-19. Moreover, it limits the possibility of games being ...

4 years ago

Trump Slams Chess Players

PD Scullin · President Donald J. Trump is on a tear! · First, he picked battles with the NBA, then the NFL, and now he’s hating on The United States Chess Federation. · Trump took to Twitter this morning: “Was told chess players don’t play our National Anthem before games. Disgraceful. Pathet ...

4 years ago

Looking for a Great Motivational Speaker this Year?

Steve Gerritsen · If your company or organization is looking for a motivational speaker this year, consider Lance Allred. · Lance, with his 3 Principles of Perseverance, · is the first legally deaf player in NBA history. · Known as “The Lion,” he is a Best-Selling Author of Basketball Gods and L ...

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