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1 month ago

Peering through the glass

Greg Rolfe · Peering through the glass · As I sit staring at my screen this morning, I wonder about the why of it all. · I write because I desire to express my thoughts but then I often ask does anyone truly want to know my thoughts. · Are they useful to anyone? · After reviewing more than a ...

6 months ago

Post from Javier 🐝 CR

Javier 🐝 CR · good morning! ☀️🌞😃 

6 months ago

Post from Pedro Taveira

Pedro Taveira · Join my trading community: · www.livingfromtrading.com ·   · #tradingroom #scalping #daytrading #investors #stocks #trading #livetrading #stockstrading #stockmarket #NewsTrading #TradingSchool #BestStocksToBuy #DAX #AAPL #DowJones #futures #ES #NQ #MNQ #FDXM #FDAX #nasdaq #nasdaq ...

9 months ago


Greg Rolfe · Well, once again morning has arrived. It seems to do that on a very regular basis. In fact, it appears to be a very normal event. Surprising given all the hoopla that has been thrown at us for the last year. But here it is again, morning. The opportunity to have a great day and e ...

1 year ago

Looking out the window praying for a sunrise

Greg Rolfe · Each morning the sun rises creeping over the edge of the world. Each morning the hope of a new day breaks into our lives. But in truth what hope does this new day bring? Does this new day bring with it solutions to the problems we face? Does the wonder of sunlight change the land ...

4 years ago

Tuesday Tricksters are Back! Morning-Musth

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · It's been a few months since my last Tuesday Tricksters post, and I'm not sure why I stopped posting this series. Because each post shows my readers words in English that are easy to misuse (no matter whether English is their first or fortieth language!), I know I want to keep it ...

5 years ago

What Is A Patriot?

Michael D. Davis · It's been 15 years since one sunny morning in New York changed the world forever. On this day that we now refer to as Patriot Day #thedailychalkboard requests you to ask a question about remembrance and what it means for you personally. As always, I welcome your comments.  #micha ...

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