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1 month ago

Continued Republican abuse of filibuster begins to change minds on reform in Senate

Francisco Lopez · Continued Republican abuse of filibuster begins to change minds on reform in Senate · Senator Angus King, who had previous voiced opposition to getting rid of the Senate filibuster rule, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Republican abuse of the rule to block everything without e ...

2 months ago

How to read someone's mind?

Bab Mijieah Eagle · How to read someone's Mind? · You the universe: The Life Engineering Coaching Material & The Self Awareness Course Material, making you what you must be, promoting Global Peace · https://www.youtheuniverse379.com/2021/09/how-to-read-someones-mind.html

3 months ago

Awesome Negotiation for Saving the Money

Dionne J. Ford · We believe there are so many people who think about their bills all the time because they don’t know how to pay their monthly bills. Thus, some of people want to find Ways To Lower Monthly Bills anyway they just have to pay attention of certain things that they can use as the str ...

5 months ago

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris · Source: pixabay.com It was Joseph Campbell who said, "follow your bliss" during that famous interview back in the 80s. Probably he said it on other occasions, but that's the one I remember. A renowned researcher and teacher of mythology, both in academia and in a pop culture sett ...

5 months ago

Post from Don Hornsby

Don Hornsby · Everything begins at the beginning, and quite often the beginning begins when you shift your mind in a new direction. – (Louie Herron) · What are the new paths that you will take this week? Where can you turn to make your life better? · #Success #Leadership #Motivation #TodayMatt ...

6 months ago

The writers struggle

Greg Rolfe · I must admit to an unsettled morning. Not one full of frustration just one filled with thoughts that are perhaps unjust. My attempt to place one thought in front of another has become a complete waste of time, as no coherent series has arisen out of the turmoil of my mind. To wha ...

1 year ago

Overcoming Writer's Block

Richard Foster · Writer’s block might seem debilitating, but anyone can overcome it. The fact that it happens is not the issue; it’s how a writer responds. Understanding what writer’s block is can make it easier to dig one’s way out. · What is Writer’s Block? · Writer’s block is not a medical con ...

4 years ago

Inside The Mind of General Kelly

PD Scullin · Using a new innovative technology, The Lint Screen has developed a device with the ability to read the minds of mortals. · We hacked the skull of General Kelly, the newly-appointed White House Chief of Staff, as he listened to President Trump’s comments on Charlottesville Tuesday ...

4 years ago

Taking Time

Mark Blevins · I went to my son's food truck yesterday. His menu includes fry bread tacos, or Indian tacos. I like the chicken and pork ones. The guys working for him were busy with the lunch rush. Its good to see my kids making lives for themselves. · A guy sat down at the park table I was eat ...

5 years ago

Improve Your Writing By Keeping These Simple Tips in Mind

Randy Keho · While pursuing a graduate degree in journalism/public relations, I served as a graduate teaching assistant.  · As a teaching assistant, the university provided me with a tuition-free education. · All I had to do was teach the lab portion of several basic journalism courses. · T ...

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