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1 month ago

Medicaid Planning Michigan

smith clea · Medicaid Planning · Learn how to do proper Medicaid Planning in Michigan can pay for the expensive costs of long term care in a skilled nursing facility. Learn more. · https://rochesterlawcenter.com/practice-areas/medicaid-planning-michigan/ · Learn how to do proper Medicaid Plan ...

11 months ago

La raja del sistema

Cecilia Castelli · Anoche decidí quedarme en casa—como hace treinta y cinco años—y mirar un documental sobre las gimnastas en EE.UU. Siempre he sido muy deportista y por algún motivo cuando miro a las gimnastas en la barra alta, los caballetes o el piso siento que soy yo la que me gané el oro en la ...

1 year ago

Private Philanthropy and Public Education in the U.S.

John Jellinek · Originally published on JohnJellinek.org · Traditionally, in the United States, public education has been shaped by tax dollars and the communities that pay them. In recent decades, however, that has changed. New theories of education and influential universities have started to ...

2 years ago

Why Animal Testing is Unethical

Suzanne Grandt · Animal testing involves subjecting a live creature to a variety of experiments that typically cause distress, pain, suffering and ultimate death. A variety of animals might be used to test cosmetics, medications or medical procedures. Often the animals are force-fed or injected w ...

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