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1 year ago

Michael More was right (pun intended) no red wave

Francisco Lopez · Mike’s Midterm Tsunami Truth #41 · We Killed the Red Wave · https://open.substack.com/pub/michaelmoore/p/midterm-tsunami-truth-41?r=2fj1h&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=email

1 year ago

Michael More Blue Tsunami

Francisco Lopez · Mike’s Midterm Tsunami Truth #30 · Turn Off the News! Stop Reading the Paper! They’re Filling Your Head with Mush. · https://open.substack.com/pub/michaelmoore/p/midterm-tsunami-truth-30?r=2fj1h&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=email

1 year ago

michael more

Francisco Lopez · The MOGUL and The Clavicle · MOGUL(Trump’s SS Code Name) Grabbed the Wheel of the “Beast” (the name of his Presidential Limo) to Turn It Back to the Capitol Riot While Choking the Throat & Clavicle of His Top Secret Service Agent · https://www.michaelmoore.com/p/the-clavicle?r=2f ...

2 years ago

Consultant Marketing Trust Factor

Jerry Fletcher · I’ve been asked to speak on Trust 4 times between now and the end of April. · I’ll be sharing information that has remained timeless along with research findings being updated now. · A Fortune Cookie · I speak on Trust because of a Fortune Cookie. After a successful morning pr ...

2 years ago

Repairing Reputation With a Client After Making a Big Error

Michael Toebe · How do you repair your reputation with a client if you’ve made a significant error? · Paul · Hi Paul, · That you’re asking shows a lot about the quality of your character. · What your client likely desires is that you take prompt and full ownership of the significant error, offer ...

3 years ago

'My Pillow' Dispatched to Front Lines of COVID-19 War

Patrick Scullin · Donald J. Trump has declared himself "a wartime president," and now he has proven he truly is just that! · Donald J. Trump has declared himself "a wartime president," and now he has proven he truly is just that! · In a Rose Garden ceremony today, Michael J. Lindell, CEO of MyPill ...

4 years ago

Consultant Marketing Networking is Alive!

Jerry Fletcher · Last night as I was about to log off for the night, I came across a question and comments on networking on a site on which I sometimes comment. The question was: · “Are you networking in the face of the new decade?” · The question explanation was: ‘The world of networking is ra ...

4 years ago

Secrets Suck: What Happens Afterwards Sucks Even More...

Dave Worthen · What image do you get when you think of the word overwhelm? A single working mother with three kids juggling her hats while getting ready for work and her kids off to school? · A stressed-out Fortune 500 executive with declining sales and overseas clients complaining of deli ...

4 years ago

Responsibility & The Burning Match: Whose Matchstick is it Anyway?

Dave Worthen · Responsibility is one of those words that when you read it, it carries with it this unspoken thread of DNA that makes you sit up a bit straighter, you know? · “It’s your responsibility…” · “You’re responsible for the companies market growth.” · See? · I mean when you hear “It’s y ...

4 years ago

Love & Always-Never

Dave Worthen · Let’s start at the beginning... · Always: (def) “Every time; on every occasion; without exception: · Cathy: “Will you always love me?” · Michael: “Always.” · Always means without exception. · Cathy asks the question because she has experienced Not Always. · Because there was an ...

4 years ago

Brand in a Fortune Cookie

Jerry Fletcher · This is the beginning of my keynote titled “The Shortcut to Brand.” · I remember, just like it was yesterday. · I’d done a keynote for one of Michael’s public events. · We were sitting in a Chinese restaurant celebrating. · They brought us fortune cookies. · Mine said, “A w ...

5 years ago

Your Relationship: Truth or Consequences?

Dave Worthen · I thought I’d give you an inside look at my latest book, "Marriage, Merriment, and Madness" from what I call a “truth revealed,” viewpoint. · First let me explain what this means. · When you ask your teenager what they were doing as they walk in at 11:48 p.m. past their 10:00 p. ...

5 years ago

Hannity Declares Innocence In “Witch Hunt”

Patrick Scullin · Sean Hannity fidgets in his seat as his hands work a fidget spinner so hard it creates hurricane force winds. His eyes dart about wildly as he leans forward and confides to The Lint Screen, “I am the real victim here, I tells ya. A truly innocent victim caught up in the liberal m ...

5 years ago

Relaciones reales: Se necesita valor para no darse por vencido.

Dave Worthen · Cuando la gente piensa en el valor, a menudo obtienen una imagen de un bombero corriendo hacia un edificio en llamas para salvar vidas. · O bien, escuchar acerca de un soldado condecorado con honores por salvar a su pelotón inmovilizado por el fuego enemigo. Hay cientos de ejemp ...

5 years ago

Real Relationships: It Takes Courage to Not Compromise

Dave Worthen · When people think of courage, they often get a picture of a fireman rushing into a burning building to save lives. · Or, hearing of a soldier honored with the Purple Heart for saving his platoon pinned down by enemy fire. · There are hundreds of examples of this kind of courage. ...

7 years ago

Day 6 Disney Fantasy Caribbean Cruise - Sea Day

Brook Massey · Day 6 Disney Fantasy Cruise · Sea Day · Day 6 Disney Fantasy Cruise of the Western Caribbean was a day at sea taking us from Jamaica northeast by the south side of Cuba.  Many cruisers prefer sea days.  The ships crew has constant entertainment options many of which we would try. ...

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