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3 months ago

La avaricia, un viaje sin retorno

Cecilia Castelli · Dos semanas atrás fui a un evento en Miami, ciudad a la que escapo por miedo a ser apuntada con una uña de acrílico o pisoteada por plataformas de 7 cms. La cosa se pone más chunga cuando esa escena se alcoholiza y las pestañas postizas empiezan a volar por el aire creando el pan ...

5 months ago

Consultant Marketing Credibility to Cash

Jerry Fletcher · I came back from Miami with a 90 Day plan. · I’m 10 days in and I’ve finally handled most of the consulting business actions that piled up while I spent 3 days in a retreat and two days on airplanes. You read that right. When you live in the upper left corner of the USA and you h ...

6 months ago
Usman JOr U

Affordable Handyman Service in Miami, FL

Usman JOr · We have been providing enormous services to our clients. Our commitment and hard work took us from family-owned business to renowned hub of quality services. Our stance moves around the timely and instant services. We have expanded our business to different areas across states. W ...

8 months ago

Mudanza 101

Cecilia Castelli · Llegó la hora de meter 10 años en 20 días. Si escucho un: “Ceci, véndelo” más, los voy a amarrar con la cinta aisladora a las turbinas del avión que en breve me llevará a casa: Miami. · No estoy casada ni tengo hijos, los muebles y yo hemos formado un vínculo, no es tan fácil lar ...

8 months ago

The Correlation Between Physical Activity and Senior Mental Health

Matt Dapore · Everyone knows getting older takes a toll on physical health. However, it also takes a toll on mental well-being, which makes the elderly vulnerable to a number of diseases. By living lives with little to no exercise, their physical and mental health gets even worse. · Lack of ex ...

9 months ago

Desinfectando ciclovías

Cecilia Castelli · Hace once meses que estoy arrancando carteles de “no salgas sin el trapo”, pegando panfletos informativos de las torres 5G, tomando C D S para desparasitarme del gen covidiota que plagó la city, y con los auriculares puestos las veinticuatro horas cancelando infiernos con bozal p ...

1 year ago

The Most Entrepreneurial Cities in America

John Jellinek · Originally published on JohnJellinek.info · Recent years have seen the development of an excellent environment for entrepreneurship in the United States. The number of self-employed individuals is higher than it has been in decades, with many different sectors of society, from im ...

2 years ago

Who is Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva of Miami and Venezuela?

Manuel Chinchilla da Silva · Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva is an international businessman operating on a multinational platform. Born in Venezuela, he is now based in the United States. As an international businessman, he has had a foothold in the oil industry but has impressive experience in many different in ...

5 years ago

Luli Fama Swimwear

Candice 🐝 Galek · The exciting New 2016 Luli Fama swimwear collection is here. This gorgeous Cuban born and Miami bred designer swimwear is one of the most sought after luxury swimwear brands and has been featured on some of the worlds top models and celebrities. · Luli Fama Swimwear offers classi ...

5 years ago

Miami Beach Bikini Delivery Service

Candice 🐝 Galek · Bikini Delivery Service in Miami Beach · So you just landed in Miami and you are about to hit the beach and you realize one of two things, either A the bikini you packed is just not going to cut it. Or B you forgot to pack one all together! Luckily for you Bikini Luxe has the sol ...

5 years ago

LinkedIn Caught In Viral Fuss Over Bikini Luxe

David B. Grinberg · Life’s a beach on social media for Candice Galek. She’s the 20-something Millennial CEO of Miami-based swimwear startup Bikini Luxe. Candice has been turning heads on LinkedIn lately by implementing a controversial social marketing strategy that is, shall we say, a bit reveal ...

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